BAK’ Fire Steakhouse closes for spectacular transformation

BAK’, the acclaimed fine-cut restaurant, is about to embark on an exciting journey of renewal.

As of August 31, the restaurant temporarily closed its doors to undergo a transformation complete and will reopen in December 2023offering your guests a magical and surprising culinary experience.

BAK’ has become a reference point for those looking for an experience mixing dinner and a show in Tulum.

Their commitment to culinary excellence, fresh ingredients and luxury in every aspect has been an integral part of their continued success.

Now, they’re taking that commitment to the next level with a renovation.

BAK’ Tulum’s new location will incorporate a contemporary design that blends harmoniously with the natural environment of the Mayan jungle.

You can expect an elegant and luxurious atmosphere that will fit perfectly with the high quality of the exquisite dishes for which BAK is renowned.

As a prominent member of Grupo Anderson’sa leading company in the restaurant industry in Mexico, BAK’ is proud to be part of a family that stands out for its gastronomic innovation in such a competitive market.

With Porfirio’swhich offers authentic contemporary Mexican cuisine, and Ilios, a charming Mediterranean restaurant, Grupo Anderson’s has established a standard of excellence in the culinary scene of Tulum.

During this period of temporary closure, the BAK’ team will work tirelessly to create a even more exceptional culinary experience for your guests.

It is expected that the new and exciting venue will surprise and delight everyone.

For you, BAK’ lover, you can stay up to date with the latest news and updates regarding the renovation and grand reopening in December 2023 by following the restaurant’s social media channels.

Get ready to discover a new era of flavor and luxury!

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