A look at Welcome To Raccoon City”

A look at Welcome To Raccoon City”
A look at Welcome To Raccoon City”

The famous saga resident Evil It has been the subject of multiple adaptations, and on this occasion, surprises us with the launch of its most recent film installment.

A new adaptation of Resident Evil on the platform

Netflix has added “Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City” to its extensive catalog, a production that was released in 2021 and that merges the plots of the emblematic first title resident Evil with its sequel, Resident Evil 2. This decision by the streaming platform is especially notable, since the film is released just as the release date of Resident Evil 4: Separate Waysa long-awaited expansion that promises a lot for fans.

The box office performance of “Welcome To Raccoon City”

Although this film relies on the popularity of the franchise, it did not achieve an outstanding performance at the box office. With an initial budget of 25 million dollars, the film managed to raise 42 million. While it may seem like a considerable figure, we must not forget the additional advertising and marketing expenses that Sony Pictures Releasing required.

Rumors and leaks in the Resident Evil universe

The surprises don’t end there. Rumors are circulating that another live-action movie from resident Evil It is already in process. It is likely that this next production will be the continuation of “Welcome To Raccoon City”, which, as we mentioned, is already available on Netflix. However, what has caused a stir among fans is “Resident Evil: Death Island”, an animated film that has united, for the first time, the iconic characters Lion and Jill.

The return to the origins of the saga

“Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City”, or “Welcome to Raccoon City” as it is known in Spain, marks a reboot in the narrative of the saga. Johannes Roberts, a filmmaker with a passion for the franchise, takes us back to Raccoon City, a place that was once the thriving epicenter of the pharmaceutical giant. Umbrella Corporation. Now, it’s a declining Midwestern city. The departure of the corporation left desolation, but something dark and evil looms beneath its streets. When this threat emerges, a group of survivors must reveal the truth hidden behind Umbrella and face a desperate fight for survival.

Final Recommendations

If you are a fan of resident Evil, this is an exciting time to immerse yourself in the multiple offerings that both cinema and video games present. Don’t miss “Welcome To Raccoon City” on Netflix and stay tuned for the news that this franchise continues to offer.

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