Moonwalk “Michael Jackson Hat” to be Auctioned

The Moonwalk Hat worn by Michael Jackson during Billie Jean’s performance will be auctioned this September 26.

They will auction »Michael Jackson» Moonwalk hat that became famous at a television gala in 1983.

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Michael Jackson immortalized Worldwide step of “Moonwalk«, when he used and threw his hat. This event happened during the performance of “Billie Jean” in Motown 25 years: “Yesterday, Today, Forever”, on December 16. May 1983. Which included the moonwalk in spins and live performances several times. The hat from that iconic moment, will be auctioned September 26 in Paris where It is expected to exceed the sum of $100,000 euros equivalent to $418 million Colombian pesos. This hat worn by Michael Jackson 40 years agojoins other rock objects that will be auctioned, this being the one that has the most attention for being that «Pop’s king» launched on the NBC telecast and Motown party.

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (Motown 25 Performance) (Remastered)

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