New Zealand motorists face pressure from rising petrol prices

New Zealand motorists face pressure from rising petrol prices
New Zealand motorists face pressure from rising petrol prices

Motorists in New Zealand are expressing frustration and feeling the financial burden caused by rising petrol prices. The price of 91 gasoline has exceeded $3 per liter in most parts of the country, with a national average price of $3.01 for 91, $3.19 for 95 and $3.32 for 98. These prices are the highest country has seen, since the previous peak reached around $3.12. In Auckland, motorists also have to endure the regional fuel tax.

Brent Poppen, a pensioner, shared his struggle with rising fuel costs for his V8 vehicle. He mentioned that he can only afford to put in $30 or $40 worth of fuel because of his limited budget. He expressed his belief that someone in the supply chain must be making a significant profit. Paul, a landscaping contractor, shared this sentiment and mentioned that rising prices have affected how he uses his vehicle, making him more aware that every trip counts.

Several people, including Tim and Brendon McDonald, have changed their habits due to rising gas prices. Tim mentioned that his family now travels 25% less than before and has to turn down opportunities that involve additional fuel expenses. He has even resorted to fasting to save money. Brendon McDonald expressed his frustration as a family man and mentioned that it has become even more difficult to take his children to the beach or park due to rising gas prices.

The effect of these rising prices is not limited to personal budgets. Ryan McHugh highlighted that although he may personally be able to cope with the rising costs, there are many people who will not be able to afford to drive. He noted that public transportation is not always a viable alternative, especially for those who want to explore remote areas that lack charging stations and transportation services. On the other hand, Grafton resident Yvonne Masters finds buses a great way to save money instead of using a personal vehicle.

The combination of rising petrol prices and limited transport options is putting pressure on motorists across New Zealand. As they struggle with rising costs, people are finding ways to reduce fuel expenses, change their travel habits or opt for public transportation alternatives.

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