Explosion and fatal fire on 1000 Palpalá Street

fire explosion palpala street

The house was located at the back of the land, while in the front there was an accumulation of “scrap.” “For years we have been reporting that this man collected garbage. He had everything, he even brought branches and collected them there,” a neighbor told L M N.

Due to the magnitude of the fire, the two neighboring houses were affected by smoke. “An elderly woman lives in that house. Her children and grandchildren came to help throw water with buckets so that her house doesn’t also catch fire. We know that this won’t stop the fire, but at least it won’t affect the others.” “observed another frontist.

explosion fire palpala street

Moments of tension

A dense column of smoke made the atmosphere unbreathable. However, the neighbors of the neighboring houses feared that the flames would advance, so they wetted the surrounding areas with hoses and buckets. Some of them opened their tanks so that the firefighters could also get supplies from there.

“There is a lot of scrap, so all the combustion became very toxic,” they commented to L M N.

According to this media, four people lived there. From the home, the lifeguards took two unconscious young people, and they were assisted by SIEN medical personnel. One of them was transferred to the Castro Rendón hospital, while the second, despite cardiopulmonary resuscitation being performed for more than 20 minutes, died.

The neighbors were dismayed, two nurses from the block tried to cooperate in the resuscitation tasks. “We are here to collaborate, we can prepare the roads, the things that they need. These are kids that we have known all our lives, we want to collaborate,” commented one of the residents of the sector in distress.

explosion fire palpala street

After 6 p.m., firefighters managed to control the flames, but continued to carry out cooling tasks in the sector. For an intense hour, they worked from different fronts to put out the fire. To the point that the lifeguards were almost unbalanced due to the smoke.

>> This is how the fire started after the explosion

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