They criticize Univision for the interview with Donald Trump

They criticize Univision for the interview with Donald Trump
They criticize Univision for the interview with Donald Trump

After the controversial interview that the network Univision I made a few days ago donald trumpformer president of the United States, and presidential candidate for 2024 for the Republican Party, some critics have described the magnate as too friendly.

The reactions against the television network, considered one of the most important in the American Union and followed by the Latin community living in the United States, did not wait long. Some critics have called for an open boycott of the television network before the 2024 elections.


One of the critics of this interview was the actor John Leguizamo who called on his Instagram followers to boycott the network, the Spanish-language media company, which he accused of being a “MAGA-vision.”

Leguizamo called on other artists, athletes, activists and politicians to join him in boycotting the network until it restored “parity, equality and equity” among the presidential candidates. Univision He has also requested an interview with President Biden, according to the Washington Post.

The interview with the former president trump was carried out by the communicator Enrique Acevedo, host on Televisa, who is not part of the network Univision; However, both media groups merged last year. The interview with trump It was managed by Jared Kushner, his son-in-law.

What did Trump say in the interview?

In the first minutes of the interview with trump He was asked about Latino voters and recent polls that show him defeating Biden in 2024. “They are amazing entrepreneurial people and they like me.”

It is worth mentioning that Latinos are considered a crucial electoral bloc in next year’s elections.

For Ana Navarro Cárdenas, a Nicaraguan-American commentator, she noted that the interview was a shameful report.

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“An hour with many smiles and no negative reactions with a guy who enjoyed attacking, belittling and differentiating Latinos and Latin American immigrants.”

Trump against Mexico

At the interview donald trump He warned that in a hypothetical attack on the United States with nuclear weapons, Mexico would pay the consequences collaterally.

“The biggest threat is nuclear weapons, it is very scary. You could end up in World War III and if World War III happens, Mexico will probably no longer exist because the power of nuclear weapons is very great. If they attack us, they will annihilate you too. That’s how bad it is, declared the former president.

trump points out that the border problem is Biden’s policy of maintaining open borders, since that not only harms the United States, but also Mexico, because because of this, people from all over the world walk through Mexico, which is not good for nobody.

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