Taiwan and South Korea look for ways to take advantage in chip production

Taiwan and South Korea look for ways to take advantage in chip production
Taiwan and South Korea look for ways to take advantage in chip production

November 20, 2023, 15:36

Updated November 20, 2023, 15:44

Rodrigo Garrido


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Although in the chip industry there are always two countries fighting to dominate the market, there are some others that are trying to increase their advantage in order to be able to fight for themselves. Such is the example of Taiwan and South Koreawho do everything possible to compete against giants like China and the United States.

Both countries have national companies with which they seek to be at the forefront in this business. Taiwan does it with the famous TSMC, which is a company that dominates a large part of the market; while South Korea does it with Samsungthe multinational that is also involved in chip manufacturing.

But right now, both of them meet an important challenge and they are looking for how to overcome it: we are specifically talking about the manufacturing of 3nm chips, which is not being as efficient as they expected.

Specifically, it talks about percentage of good and bad chips that are produced in their plants under this 3 nm process. Reports indicate that the rate of return is between 55% and 60%which is a problem if you want to be in the sights of an electronics manufacturer.

This is what a chip wafer looks like

That is why both Samsung and TSMC are working hard to increase said manufacturing performance, all in order to achieve at least a percentage of the 70% good chips removed from wafersin order to be an attractive option.

Although neither country has it easy, for example, TSMC faced criticism from experts after the launch of the iPhone 15 Pro: Apple confirmed that its cell phone suffered from overheating problems, and although it linked these to iOS problems, there are rumors that the problem is the 3nm process that TSMC used to manufacture its processor.

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