One Piece – What to expect from Chapter 1057?

A new crew member and a new adventure are on the horizon, as the Straw Hat Pirate’s crew prepares to leave Wano in One Piece Chapter 1057.

The previous chapter of One Piece saw the Straw Hat Pirates prepare to leave the land of Wano for good, weeks after Yonko Kaido was defeated and this land was liberated. With their Log Pose ready for the next move, it’s time for One Piece to enter a brand new Arc, which will also be the very first in the story’s final saga.

Besides the Straw Hat Pirates, the crews of the Kid and the Heart also saw themselves ready to leave Wano. With each of them approaching One Piece, it’s time for the next generation to establish complete dominance over the era following the fall of the Emperors. With some very interesting storylines, such as the Man with the Burn Mark and the Guild of the Cross established in the previous chapter, all eyes are on One Piece Chapter 1057 to deliver the perfect conclusion to the Wano Country Arc.

One Piece 1057: A New Nakama

Towards the end of the previous chapter, fans saw Yamato that it was time for him to follow his heart and live like Kozuki Oden had. As fans remember, Oden set out from Wano with Whitebeard and traveled to Laugh Tale, all the while exploring the world. Yamato has the same dream after being enslaved on Onigashima for 20 years. It’s finally time for him to navigate and explore the world on his own and uncover the secrets that Oden once uncovered. As such, One Piece 1057 is sure to see Yamato walk up to Luffy and ask him to officially join his crew. Although it is possible that Luffy refuses, it is highly likely that Yamato will be the last member of the crew. With Yamato, the Straw Hat Pirates would gain an incredibly powerful member capable of standing up to Yonkos. Additionally, Yamato has some very intriguing ideals, and his goal of being free is something that many fans of the series could relate to. As such, the character of Yamato would be an incredible addition to the crew, and One Piece 1057 will most certainly live up to it.

One Piece 1057: The Fate of Boa Hancock


Yamato is certainly not the only character that One Piece 1057 is going to focus on. In the last chapter, fans saw what happened to the old Shichibukai. It turns out that the majority of the group has allied themselves with Buggy, the Clown Pirate. Dracule Mihawk and Crocodile are his right-hand men, which would explain why he was chosen as the Sea Emperor. Edward Weevil, another member of the Shichibukai, most likely worked his way into the Marine forces. The most curious case among the Warlords is certainly that of Boa Hancock.

In One Piece 956, fans saw the Marine surrounded Nyogashima and the Kuja preparing for battle. Since then, almost nothing is known about them. One Piece 1057 may finally give fans their first glimpse into Boa Hancock’s fate. It’s possible she was captured by the Navy. However, Hancock is a rather powerful woman capable of taking on the Admirals. She also has powerful allies like Rayleigh. It is therefore possible that Nyogashima resists the attack of the Navy. Anyway, we hope that One Piece 1057 will give us information about it.

One Piece 1057: The Man with the Burn Mark


One Piece 1056 also raised an interesting plot point. This is the man with the scorch mark, whom Eustass Kid and Killer seem to be looking for. Apparently this man has a clue to the One Piece or maybe the final Poneglyph leading to it. It also seems that Trafalgar Law knows who it is. However, Luffy and the team don’t seem to know his identity. Since Law gave Kid a Highway Polyneglyph ribbon in the last chapter, it’s entirely possible that Kid will reveal information to them about the man with the scorch mark, as well. This person could be a former member of the Roger Pirates crew, as only they know where the One Piece is. However, he could also be a member of an ancient allied race to the Old Kingdom during the Void Century. It will be interesting to see how this character fits into the latest One Piece saga and see if the Straw Hat crew are going to be looking for him or not. One Piece 1057 might see Kid reveal information about this character and his identity.

With the Log Pose already set to the southeast, the Straw Hat crew appear to be heading quite close to the Calm Belt. If Yamato joins the crew early in the chapter, it is possible that the name of the next destination will also be revealed in One Piece Chapter 1057. Also, while traveling the seas, the Straw Hat crew could receive newspapers from around the world and not only get their new bounty posters, but also hear about war and chaos all around the world.

When will One Piece Chapter 1057 be released?


Unfortunately, Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is on hiatus next week. The next chapter of One Piece will therefore not be released the following Sunday. According to MangaPlus app, One Piece 1057 will be released on August 21, 2022. Fans can read the chapter for free on MangaPlus app and ShonenJump app.

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