What difficulty should I choose in Cult of the Lamb?

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Cult of the Lamb is a roguelike action dungeon crawler where you must purge the land of heretics and form a cult on your behalf. You have to travel to different regions and defeat the enemies residing there. The challenge will depend on the difficulty level you select. This may cause you to wonder which difficulty to choose.

There are four difficulty levels in Cult of the Lamb, which you can see below.

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Medium is the recommended difficulty, but you should choose one based on your comfort level and experience with action games and roguelikes. Easy is a great choice for beginners because it lets you enjoy the game without the stress of dying and losing your stuff. Hard and Extra Hard will provide the greatest challenge, and those with experience in action roguelikes should consider these choices.

Can you change the difficulty in Cult of the Lamb?

The answer is yes – you can change your difficulty after initially selecting one. To do this, just open the menu and the top selection will be your difficulty. Highlight this option and scroll to the desired difficulty. Once you have selected a new difficulty, confirm your choice and you will play on this difficulty. We recommend lowering the difficulty if it is too difficult or increasing it if you find the game not difficult enough.

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