What happened to Balerion? How did he die ?

Find out what happened to Balerion before House of the Dragon!

House of the Dragon is available on OCS! If you want to know what happened to balerion, we tell you everything! One of the biggest scenes in Episode 1 of House of the Dragon takes place in front of the skull of balerion the black scarecrow, the scariest dragon in Game of Thrones. To discover all the dragons in the series, it’s here.

Dragons were first seen at the end of Game of Thrones Season 1. After Khal Drago killed Prince Viserys and died, Daenerys made her way to the flames of her funeral pyre and emerged with three dragons that hatched from their eggs in the flames. She thus became the Mother of Dragons. To find out how many episodes the season will have, read this.

House of the Dragon, which chronicles the Targaryen civil war before the arrival of the Mad King, will feature 17 dragons, two of which appear in the opening episode: Syrax and Caraxes. To purchase the book, click here. Otherwise, to take advantage of the Kindle format with a 14-day free trial, it’s here.

However, in a key scene near the end of the first episode, King Viserys and Rhaenyra stand before a huge dragon skull. It was balerion. But then who is Balerion and what happened to him?

Who is Balerion?

balerion was the largest and most powerful of the three dragons that House Targaryen took with them when they escaped Valyria’s fate and took up residence in Dragonstone, a volcanic island just east of Westeros . Aegon the Conqueror rode balerion during his conquest of the Seven Kingdoms, while his sister-wives Visenya and Rhaenys rode the dragons Vhagar and Meraxes respectively.

The scales and wings of balerion were black, just like the fire it spit. The Black Dread was so large that its shadow could engulf entire cities when it flew overhead, and its teeth were as long as swords. The fire of balerion also destroyed the mighty Harrenhal Castle, which was believed to be impregnable.

In the Targaryen family dynasty, King Maegor I and Princess Aerea were the other known horsemen of balerion. But at the time of House of the Dragonwhich began in 101 AC with the Great Council appointing Prince Viserys as the next King of Westeros, balerion was already dead.

Balerion died in 94 BC., towards the end of the long and prosperous reign of Viserys’ successor, King Jaehaerys. Prince Viserys was the last horseman of balerionbut when the future king rode the black dragon, he was already very old and near the end of his life. balerion died less than a year after Viserys rode him.

balerion was the last of the five dragons that Aenar Targaryen brought with him when his family fled Valyria before Fate and settled in Dragonstone. As King Viserys told his daughter and designated heiress, Rhaenyra Targaryen, balerion is the last dragon to see Old Valyria, where he was born, before the city was destroyed by a volcanic eruption.

The Black Dread’s skull was originally mounted in the Red Keep, as seen in House of the Dragon. In Game of Thrones, Arya Stark (falls on the massive skull of balerion in the castle dungeons after the remains of the Targaryens’ dragons were moved there by King Robert Baratheon.

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