Girl raped by 5 men: Kosovo in shock

Girl raped by 5 men: Kosovo in shock
Girl raped by 5 men: Kosovo in shock

All men are now in police custody, three of them are minors. After the crime there were violent demonstrations in Kosovo.

An eleven-year-old girl was raped by five criminals in a city park in Pristina on Sunday. Interior Minister Xelal Svecla confirmed the incident and said the rape lasted several hours, the Sun reports. According to, the atrocity lasted seven hours. The act shocked the country and sparked a debate about better law enforcement and harsher penalties for sex crimes. Demonstrations broke out again on Tuesday, and all five perpetrators have now been arrested.

“I am aware of the justified concern of all parents and all girls in our country. I have asked the Kosovo police to do their utmost to arrest all perpetrators of this macabre act as soon as possible,” wrote Svecla in a first reaction on Facebook:

Politics and society are shocked

President Vjosa Osmani condemned the “shocking and inhuman act” and promised a quick and immediate response from law enforcement agencies. It is “time to make changes to the law that will further tighten the penalties for the perpetrators.” It is also “our shared responsibility to ensure that all children are guaranteed a dignified childhood and to eliminate gender-based violence”.

Prime Minister struggles for words

Prime Minister Albin Kurti also commented on the crimes and demanded: “Such brutal acts of violence against children must be treated with great seriousness, both on an institutional and on a social and cultural level.” Little is currently known about the victim’s health. The head of the Kosovar police, Samedin Mehmeti, has handed in his resignation after the fact, as the portal “” reports.

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Demonstrators in Pristina express their anger

According to Balkan Insight, hundreds of demonstrators gathered in Pristina’s main square on Tuesday to express their anger at the crime and to demand that the names of the perpetrators be published. According to “Balkan Insight”, the fifth alleged perpetrator was arrested on Monday, three of the men are said to be minors.

As the “Sun” reports, the penalty for rape in Kosovo is between two and ten years, for the rape of a minor between five and 20 years. According to the Kosovo Women’s Network, over 70 percent of sex crimes in the country are committed against minors.

While the number of rapes reported to Kosovan police has doubled, according to a study, the number of convictions remains worryingly low.

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