All information about Season 12 at a glance

All information about Season 12 at a glance
All information about Season 12 at a glance
  • At “The Voice of Germany” the coaches can only hear the talents at first. Using their voice and singing, they must decide if they’re going to hit the buzzer in front of them and be ready to add the talent to their team. Only then does the red chair on which they are sitting rotate. If several coaches buzz, the fight for the new potential team member begins.
  • It will continue with new episodes from August – but on other days in 2022.
  • Winners of “The Voice” include Sebastian Krenz, Paula Dalla Corte, Natia Todua, Ivy Quainoo and Jamie-Lee Kriewitz.
  • Three newcomers are joining the show this year: These are the “The Voice” coaches 2022.

Soon it will be time again for great feelings, incredible voices and emotional moments. “The Voice of Germany” will enter the next round in 2022 and so that you know everything that is important, you will find an overview of the necessary information here.

This is what awaits you today in episode 5

With “The Voice of Germany” you could already experience real goosebump moments in the first episodes. So don’t miss how the coaches turn to the talents in episode 5 after activating the buzzer and want to get them into their team by any means necessary. Especially with Talent Luan Faber, they have to come up with some ideas. Tomorrow he will make a phenomenal appearance with his performance of the song “Beggin”.

When will “The Voice” be released in 2022? Start and broadcast time

The wait is over, “The Voice” continues with new episodes. Season 12 of “The Voice of Germany” started on Thursday, August 18, 2022 on ProSieben. On Friday, August 19th, SAT.1 continued. This year you can see the music show every Thursday on ProSieben and Fridays on SAT.1 and on both days on Joyn.

Those are the talents

Only the voice counts: At “The Voice” 2022, the coaches and spectators will again hear extraordinary voices. Get an overview of all talents that have appeared in each episode and the respective teams of the season:

“The Voice of Germany”: All full episodes

If you don’t want to wait any longer, you have the option to rewatch the episodes from previous seasons. So you can get in the mood for the new season of the music show. Find all full episodes to stream on Joyn.

This is how you buy your tickets for the battles and sing-offs

The battles and sing-offs of “The Voice of Germany” Season 12 will again take place in front of a live audience. Would you like to secure your tickets? Then don’t waste any time and read all the important information here.

These are the coaches of 2022

Mark Forster does not want to give up his place on one of the red chairs this year either. But things don’t get any easier for him in season 12 – tough opponents are just waiting to wrest coveted talents from him. Also there as coaches are Stefanie Kloß and Rea Garvey, who are returning to the show, and music legend Peter Maffay, who is making his “The Voice” debut.

Presenter and presenter of “The Voice”

Thore Schölermann will remain on the 2022 show. At his side he receives a new moderation colleague: Melissa Khalaj, with whom he has already moderated “The Voice Kids”, is also involved in “The Voice of Germany” this year.

All information about “The Voice”: This is how the show works

“The Voice of Germany” has several phases that the talents and coaches go through in the course of the episodes – and each offers its own exciting highlights.

The Blind Auditions: It’s all about the voice

“The Voice” begins with the blind auditions. The talented people have to shine with their voice. The coaches sit with their backs to them in their iconic red chairs. You listen carefully. If a talent convinces them, they have the opportunity to hit the buzzer in front of them and turn around for the vote. When that happens, the talent is one round ahead.

If several coaches decide on the talent, they have to fight for it – the talent decides which team it wants to go to. But the coaches do everything to convince the talents of their team. After all, they want to achieve victory with the most promising votes.

The Battles and Steal Deals: Talent . Talent

After the blind auditions, the coaching begins. Because the battles are just around the corner, in which the talents have to sing against each other. The coaches put a lot of time and effort into preparing the talents for the next phase and getting the best out of their voices.

Then it’s off to the battle ring, where the talents compete against each other. But the coaches can’t just sit back, their job often gets even harder in this phase because they have to make a difficult decision – with which talents will they go into the next round?

The Sing-Offs: Who Lands in the Hot Seats?

In the sing-offs, all the talents from one team compete. It then becomes tricky again for the coaches because they only have a limited number of places for the next round. In this phase, they often struggle with their decisions – but even if they find it difficult, they have to make them.

The live shows: “The Voice” up close

When the live shows are on, the finale is in sight. The talents that have made it this far are very close to winning. But now at the latest they have to convince the viewers of their votes, because they decide by voting who gets ahead.

Sebastian Krenz: The winner 2021

Since his blind audition, Sebastian Krenz has been a real crowd pleaser. No wonder that the exceptional singer from Team Johannes Oerding made it to the top. Not only did he get the win, but he also ensured that the coach coached the winning talent right away in his freshman year.

Overview of the winners of “The Voice of Germany”.

  • Sebastian Krenz (Season 11, 2021)
  • Paula Dalla Corte (Season 10, 2020)
  • Claudia Emmanuela Santoso (Season 9, 2019)
  • Samuel Rösch (Season 8, 2018)
  • Natia Todua (Season 7, 2017)
  • Tay Schmedtmann (Season 6, 2016)
  • Jamie Lee Kriewitz (Season 5, 2015)
  • Charley Ann Schmutzler (Season 4, 2014)
  • Andreas Kümmert (Season 3, 2013)
  • Nick Howard (Season 2, 2012)
  • Ivy Quainoo (Season 1, 2011)

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