Electricity price discount: Application possible from today

Electricity price discount: Application possible from today
Electricity price discount: Application possible from today

The way to the electricity price discount

  • For everyone who had their main residence in Lower Austria as of July 1st
  • Application only possible online
  • EVN: Apply directly to EVN, pre-registration was already possible
  • Wien Energie & Verbund: From 26.9. directly from Wien Energie or Verbund
  • For all other electricity suppliers: apply for a discount via the state of Lower Austria

The electricity price discount can only be applied for online. At EVN, 20 percent of customers have already pre-registered. If you don’t have internet access or need help, you can get support from the EVN service centers. According to EVN spokesman Stefan Zach, two to three employees per location are only assigned to this task. It is important to fill out the online form correctly, as the data will be compared with the central register of residents.

The EVN customer number and the metering point number are required, both can be found on the EVN invoice. The name and date of birth must correspond exactly to the details on the registration form. For example, middle names and umlauts in the name must be specified as they appear on the registration form. EVN has also made its own video on the electricity price discount, in which the procedure is explained.

Customers of Wien Energie or Verbund can also submit the application online to the two companies from September 26th. Customers of electricity suppliers who do not process the discount directly can apply for it immediately via the state of Lower Austria.

Subsidy of eleven cents per kilowatt hour

Eleven cents per kilowatt hour of electricity are subsidized for 80 percent of the average consumption of a household. This average was calculated by E-Control. The decisive factor is the number of people registered at the place of residence. A one-person household receives EUR 169.58 per year, and EUR 272.36 for two people. The subsidy will be credited to the electricity bill in monthly installments from October 2022. The blue and yellow electricity price discount is limited to September 30, 2023.

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