Streamer has sex while live video is still playing – Games

Streamer has sex while live video is still playing – Games
Streamer has sex while live video is still playing – Games

A video from a Twitch streamer is said to show her having sex during a live performance. Viewers saw the act and reported the video to the service.

In this video, Twitch streamer Kim Mikka is said to be having fun with a man during a live stream. Shortly after the transfer, her account was suspended. In the video you can see her alleged lover in the background. Particularly attentive viewers also want to see how the act of the two is reflected in the window pane. They then ratted on Kim Mikka on Twitch and her account was suspended.

The streamer denies the allegations, but it could also be an action to increase your number of followers. The number of fans there has doubled within a few days. On Twitch, on the other hand, Kim Mikka was not very well known, she was followed by just 230 people. Speaking of which, the video of the live stream has now been viewed more than 14 million times on Twitter. It is currently unclear whether she will get her Twitch account back.

Which Twitch got too hot for

By the way, hardly any other Twitch streamer is blocked on the Twitch platform as often and regularly as Amouranth. The 27-year-old American, whose real name is Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa, not only became a multi-millionaire with her game videos (according to a study by “MrQ” she makes more than 700,000 euros a year with her videos), but also one of the most controversial figures in the gaming industry.

She was one of the first to put an inflatable pool in the streaming room and just talk about everyday things in a bikini. Thousands of young women did the same, the “Just Chatting” category on Twitch went through the roof and was expanded to include the sub-genre “Pools, Hot Tubs and Beaches”. Amouranth also licked objects such as microphones live during ASMR relaxation videos.

What became too “hot” for Twitch and other platforms, Amouranth, who worked as a costume designer before streaming, eventually moved to the OnlyFans platform. There you can now see her completely naked and sexual photos and videos – her account is said to be one of the most successful on the site within a very short time. Her motto: “Make me happy by liking my posts.” A monthly subscription costs EUR 6.50, including a 50 percent discount.

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