Ukraine war in the live ticker: +++ 07:01 Ukraine: 201 Russians killed in the south of the country +++

Ukraine war in the live ticker: +++ 07:01 Ukraine: 201 Russians killed in the south of the country +++
Ukraine war in the live ticker: +++ 07:01 Ukraine: 201 Russians killed in the south of the country +++

The “South” task force of the Ukrainian armed forces announces new casualties by the Russian occupying forces. According to a Facebook post, 201 Russian soldiers were killed in attacks in the south of the country and 12 T-72 tanks, 18 armored vehicles, more than a dozen different artillery units, one anti-aircraft vehicle and six ammunition depots were destroyed. The information cannot be independently verified.

+++ 06:18 Ukraine sends message to Russian soldiers in Cherson +++
The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has published a video on social media aimed at Russian troops in the occupied Kherson region. At the beginning you see a self-filmed sequence of an alleged Russian soldier. The Ukrainians strike with everything they have. You broke through the first line of defense,” says the man in a hasty voice. Then you can see a compilation of several videos of apparently fleeing Russian soldiers and firing Ukrainian guns. The clip is accompanied by the song “Run, Rabbit, Run” by the British Comedian duo Flanagan and Allen from 1939, which enjoyed great popularity during World War II On Monday, Kyiv announced the start of a long-awaited major offensive in the south and east of the country.

+++ 05:26 Minister: 2300 educational institutions in Ukraine damaged +++
Federal Education Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger called for solidarity at the start of the new school year in Ukraine in the midst of the war. As of mid-August, 2,300 educational institutions had been damaged and 286 completely destroyed in the country, says the FDP politician. She was informed of this by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science. “This makes it clear once again how brutally Russia is proceeding, how Putin destroys and devastates children and young people, their lives and their future. This is another reason why Ukraine needs our solidarity and support.”

+++ 04:19 Russia begins major military maneuvers +++
In the middle of the Ukraine war, Russia has started large-scale military maneuvers with more than 50,000 soldiers. The nearly week-long exercise is being held in the east, thousands of miles from the fighting. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, countries such as China, India and Mongolia are also involved, as well as several ex-Soviet republics, with Belarus leading the way. In this way, Russia wants to show solidarity with other countries in times of extreme tension with the West.

+++ 03:00 US secret service: Russia lacks soldiers +++
According to US intelligence, Russia cannot mobilize enough soldiers for the war in Ukraine. “The Russian military is suffering from a severe shortage of troops in Ukraine,” a US intelligence official familiar with the matter said on condition of anonymity. The Russian Ministry of Defense tries to recruit armed forces, “among other things, by forcing wounded soldiers to go back into combat, by recruiting personnel from private security companies and by paying conscripts bonuses”. There are credible reports that Russia “is also likely to recruit convicted criminals in return for pardons and financial compensation.” Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a decree last week to increase Russian troops from 1.9 million to 2.04 million soldiers.

+++ 01:20 USA confiscate Russian plane +++
The US has arrested a $45 million aircraft belonging to the Russian energy company PJSC Lukoil. “The US Court for the Southern District of Texas has approved the seizure,” the US Department of Justice announced. The plane flew in and out of Russia in violation of US Commerce Department sanctions against Russia.

+++ 00:29 Selenskyj advises the situation again with the military leadership +++
Within a few days, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy held a second meeting with the heads of the army, secret service and police. The military reported on developments at the front, says Zelenskyj in Kyiv. He did not want to give details. “I’ll just say one thing: in the name of our enlightenment, I would like to thank all our people who are giving us strong support in the south of the country, especially in Crimea.” The secret service is grateful for the information and wants to make maximum use of it, he says in his evening video address.

+++ 23:25 Selenskyj consultant: “There will be no quick successes” +++
An adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warns against expecting quick victories in the counteroffensive. Oleksy Arestovych says it is a very slow process because the aim is to avoid Ukrainian losses. “As many Ukrainians as possible must come back home,” he adds in a video published on YouTube. “There will be no quick success… quick success always means a lot of blood.”

+++ 22:27 Pentagon sees progress in Ukraine in the south +++
The United States is seeing some progress by the Ukrainian military in its offensive against Russia in the south of the country. “We are aware of Ukrainian military operations that have made some forward movement, and from the Kherson region we know that Russian units are falling behind in some cases,” Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder said. With a view to military-tactical considerations, however, he did not want to go into detail. The US would further ensure that Ukraine has all the capabilities to defend itself against Russian forces.

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