Costs for school supplies – How to save on pens & Co. – Lower Austria

Costs for school supplies – How to save on pens & Co. – Lower Austria
Costs for school supplies – How to save on pens & Co. – Lower Austria

Starting school is often not easy for families. Reason: High costs for exercise books, pens & Co. The Chamber of Labor has compared prices.

A tenner for the covering paint, a twenty for the felt-tip pens, the work case another twenty, notebooks, fountain pens, pencils … and you’ve lost a hundred euros. If you also want to buy your first grader an ergonomically flawless, well-made school backpack and stick to the winners of product tests, 250 euros are gone again.

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Specialist shop . retail chain

A fact that, especially now in times of crisis, is making many worry lines on the forehead – “Heute” reported. The Lower Austrian provincial government supports with a school start fee of 100 euros, but that is by no means enough for a complete equipment.

The Chamber of Labor of Lower Austria therefore looked at where you can currently shop cheaply and compared a total of seven specialist shops and retail chains in Lower Austria.

It’s cheapest here

This is how you buy at the moment cheapest inModling – more precisely at the office supplies store Klucsarits. The school start campaign, which runs there from June to September, lets many parents breathe a sigh of relief.

28.42 euros you pay for one there A3 drawing pad with the Dürer rabbit, 12 pieces of Jolly colored pencils, Jolly watercolors including two brushes and opaque white and Jolly wax crayons.

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Also at Interspar St. Poelten according to the Chamber of Labor consumer advice, the prices fell by around 20 percent compared to June, mainly due to targeted campaigns.

specialty stores more expensive

“Overall, the average price at retail chains was 28.66 euros just under 3.50 euros below the average price in specialist shops,” says the Chamber of Labor in a related release.

The school items purchased by the Chamber of Labor for the cost comparison are now being donated to women’s shelters in Lower Austria.

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