Now he’s in a coma!

After an attack by 20,000 killer bees, a 20-year-old is in a coma in the USA. private/Shawna Carter

It’s a real nightmare that a family in Ohio (USA) is going through right now. And all because 20-year-old Austin Bellamy wanted to help. He almost paid for it with his life. 20,000 killer bees had attacked the young man – now he is in an artificial coma.

Bellamy was visiting friends on Friday morning. He had offered help pruning the lemon tree. He cut the branches while his grandmother Phyllis Edwards and uncle Dustin Edwards stood below. Then the drama began…

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Killer bees attack 20-year-olds

Without realizing it at first, Bellamy accidentally cut into a bees’ nest. “Suddenly the bees came out and he tried to climb down, but he couldn’t,” recalls Phyllis. “He screamed, ‘Help! Help me! Help!’ But no one could help him.”

His grandmother and uncle had to watch helplessly as the entire bee colony unfolded from the ground. They themselves could not climb the ladder because they themselves were attacked.

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Austin Bellamy, 20, was attacked by 20,000 killer bees and is now in an induced coma. Twitter

“I was trying to climb the ladder to get to Austin. I saw how high it was … but I couldn’t reach it because I was surrounded by bees,” explains the grandmother, who is still in shock.

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Victim swallowed 30 killer bees

Shawna Carter, Bellamy’s mother, says she passed out when she got the call. “It was just too much for me. It looked like he had a black blanket covering his head, down to his neck, down to his arms.”

The alerted paramedics requested a helicopter to transport the seriously injured. At least 20,000 times Bellamy was stung by the killer bees. According to his mother, he also swallowed about 30 bees.

“He had dozens of bees inside him, and they kept sucking bees out of him for two days,” she explained.

Her son is still in an artificial coma. However, doctors are confident that Bellamy will make a full recovery from the attack. Only that he will ever cut a lemon tree again is probably rather unlikely.

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