What threatens us at the pump in September?

What threatens us at the pump in September?
What threatens us at the pump in September?

Since June 1, 2022 Drivers in Germany automatically get a so-called tank discount. Reducing fuel prices is one of them five measures from the 2022 relief package, which the Federal Government has initiated. The reason for that was skyrocketing prices in different areas of life after the outbreak of the Ukraine war.

In the case of the tank discount, German citizens should be financially relieved at the pump for three months. According to the plans from back then, the Savings of around 35 cents on petrol and around 17 cents on diesel be. The discount started slowly at first, but the prices have actually fallen significantly in the meantime – at least compared to the gas prices that we had to pay after the outbreak of the Ukraine war. But that could change again soon.

Fuel prices from September: This is how expensive petrol and diesel become after the tank discount

One thing is clear: After End of the tank discount fuel will become significantly more expensive again. Exactly how expensive is currently unclear. The cheaper prices for the liter of petrol or diesel were by a Lowering the energy tax possible. If you calculate the prices without this reduction, the fuel could soon cost significantly more again. This is how much petrol and diesel cost on the national average up to the last day of August:

  • Diesel: 1.97 euros per liter
  • Petrol: 1.83 euros per liter
  • E10: 1.70 euros per liter

And that would be expensive one liter of fuel theoretically without the tank discount:

  • This: 2.14 euros per liter
  • Petrol: 2.18 euros per liter
  • E10: 2.05 euros per liter

According to experts, it is important to current before driving to the gas station compare fuel pricesfor example at price comparison portals such as clever-tanken.de orbillig-tanken.de. There are also various tips to help you save. It is also important to refuel in good time: The petroleum association advised not to fill up “at the last moment”. It remains to be seen whether the prices at the pump will continue to rise massively from September 1st, but it is unlikely. According to experts, it could take around two weeks for the price per liter to gradually rise again. According to experts and media reports, a massive price explosion is not to be expected.

Oil price plummeting: will fuel prices explode from September anyway?

The good news: since Beginning of July 2022 is the Oil price plummeting and no increase is expected. Actually, the prices at the pumps should rather fall again than rise. In mid-July, the price for a barrel (159 liters) of US crude oil type WTI fell to around 100 US dollars. He almost got up with it pre-war level.

How the Prices at the pumps develop, but is still far from set in stone. Because whether the oil companies pass on the lower raw material prices directly to the driver is not clear.

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