“Who’s stealing the show?” 2022: Nilam wins episode 5

“Who’s stealing the show?” 2022: Nilam wins episode 5
“Who’s stealing the show?” 2022: Nilam wins episode 5

“Who’s stealing the show?” Episode 4: Joko hijacks the “The Voice” stage

His own stage doesn’t seem to be enough for showmaster Joko Winterscheidt: for the intro of episode 5, the moderator hijacks the stage of “The Voice of Germany”. With the song “Firestarter” by the band The Prodigy, he freaks out the uninitiated coaches and ensures an unforgettable opening.

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Point deduction for smut

Also at the start of the 5th show, Fahri Yardim asserts that this time he will show himself from his best side. Joko, who already knows this promise from the other episodes, decides to help. With a buzzer, the moderator can punish every comment below the belt with a point deduction.

The new rule comes into effect just a few moments later, because Fahri finds it difficult to stick to his good intentions. Even before the first game, his score falls into the minus range. With such a disadvantage, however, the voice actor does not want to start the show and gets support from the audience.

Time in Berlin and songs guess backwards

“The light five” directly triggers the first discussion in the panel about how the clock is read in the style of the capital. Whether it’s guessing songs sung backwards or matching real Google reviews – all candidates are fighting for the next point.

After the first prize level, the 7 points of wildcard candidate Robin are unfortunately not enough and he has to be the first to leave the show. Although Olli Schulz can win the first coin, it’s over for him after the second winning level. He says goodbye with a heartbreaking farewell song.

Nilam Farooq also shows musical commitment. She keeps her promise from the beginning of the show and sings “My Heart Will Go On” for winning a coin.

During the prompter game, Nilam and Fahri sit this time at the detective’s interrogation with Joko. Fahri, who is now in the semi-finals for the third time, is still having trouble finding the right answers in the gap text. The determined Nilam, on the other hand, knocks out one solution after the other and ends up in the final quiz against moderator Joko.

“Subtle” assistance from Fahri and Olli

Katrin Bauerfeind leads Joko and his challenger through a nerve-wracking finale. With two coins, Nilam actually starts the last round with good chances. Nevertheless, it is at times dangerously close for the actress.

When asked about a world-famous musical, Fahri and Olli intervene. They storm onto the stage and admonish Nilam to reconsider their written answer. At the last moment she decides on the correct solution and thus avoids being further behind Joko.

Joko loses his show to Nilam Farooq

Through the skillful use of her coins, Nilam finally manages to achieve a tie. When it comes to the match question of who received an Oscar posthumously for his supporting role, she is suddenly very unsure. However, unlike Joko, she knows the correct answer “Heath Leger” and thus wins the 5th show.

Nilam is most surprised by her victory

Speechless with happiness, Nilam signs her moderation contract and makes it official: she can watch episode 6 on September 6, 2022 and with it the big season finale of “Who is stealing the show from me?” moderate. “A tough defeat. I would have liked to moderate 5 episodes out of 6,” Joko pushes afterwards and hands over his show to Nilam Farooq.

You can see the big season finale, moderated by Nilam Farooq, on September 6, 2022 at 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben, as well as in the live stream and on Joyn.

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