Miracle coach signs 5 unknown talents – Today they are all extremely successful, but the coach has none of it

In League of Legends, the legendary team “Griffin” of coach cvMax plays a special role. From 2017, the coach formed a strong team from some talents that nobody knew and brought them to the Worlds 2019. But the Griffin team broke up at the end of 2019 due to a scandal. 2 years later, 5 players from Griffin are dominating the LoL scene in Asia.

This is what makes Griffin so special:

  • The South Korean team Griffin played in the 2nd Korean league in 2017 and chose an unusual path. The team’s fate was entrusted to an outsider: coach Kim “ccMax” Dae-ho (32 today). He had no experience as a former LoL pro.
  • Starting in 2017, cvMax recruited 5 almost unknown players for the team, who are now between 21 and 23 years old. They were teenagers when they came to Griffin. cvMax signed young players from the solo queue or streamers that he saw potential in and then shaped them with what appeared to be extremely hard training.
  • Although the team failed after three years due to a scandal, all 5 players are now extremely successful and are mega stars in Asia. 3 of them have just become champions in the LCK, a 4th has even made it to the key player in the world champion team EDward Gaming.

This trailer for League of Legends is also extremely successful:

A bombastic League of Legends video has now garnered 138 million views – showing just how huge LoL is

Team makes it from 2nd division to 5th place in Worlds in 3 years

This was the rise of Team Griffin: Team Griffin rose from the second division to the top of South Korea within 3 years and even made it to the 2019 World Cup.

Just because the team was extremely young and had an Achilles heel in the lineup with top laner Sword, it didn’t make it all the way to the top: Team Griffin lost a total of 3 final games in South Korea in 2018 and 2019: 2 times against T1 , once against KT-Rolster.

At Worlds 2019, they were eliminated by Invictus Gaming in the Quarterfinals, finishing 5-8. The Chinese are mercilessly exploiting the weakness in the South Korean team: top laner Sword fell victim to TheShy, who is considered one of the best top laners in the world.

Still, the team made waves in 2017, 2018, and 2019 and was considered the hottest topic for the future of League of Legends.

When Griffin soared, young midlaner Chovy (cover photo) in particular made history and was considered one of the greatest talents in the world. As soon as he turned 18 and could play in the LCK, he immediately looked like the best player in the league.

LoL pro sues his coach for assault

Scandal about player contracts and a coach who chokes players end soaring

This was the downfall of Team Griffin: A scandal erupted before and during Worlds 2019 at Team Griffin:

In the end, the team broke up just as they reached their peak of World Cup participation.

Here cvMax hugs the top laner Sword – but he is also said to have choked him.

3 Griffin players become champions, clearing T1 3-0

Where are the 5 players now? In 2022, 3 players from Team Griffin have gathered at “Gen G.”

All 3 became champions for the first time in South Korea at the weekend. They defeated the “big” T1 in the LCK final, 3-0. So that was a beating. This should make Gen G the top favorite to win Worlds 2022.

The “forever losers” who lost the finals against SKT1 4 years ago are now the kings of South Korea.

BTW: Faker actually played Renekton in the midlane in Game 2, losing 1-5-0 to Chovy with Sylas (9-0-5). Renekton had had a really bad day in the professional leagues before.

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Team Griffin’s former ADC, Viper, has gone even higher. He won the world championship title with EDward Gaming in 2021 and is considered one of the best LoL players ever.

Jungler Tarzan (23) is now the franchise player of LNG Esports after 3 years with Griffin and is considered one of the best junglers in the world.

The 5 talents discovered by cvMax from 2017 are among the best players in the world in 2022. cvMax demonstrated an incredible flair for talent.

Miracle coach was banned for life, then pardoned – now without a team

What is the miracle coach doing today? cvMax has been through a tough time. He was banned for life for choking a player, but was pardoned after 20,000 fans stood up for him.

Until 2021 he coached the Korean team DRX. There, after Griffin’s demise, he was followed by two of his charges: Chovy and Doran. This team also led cvMax to the World Championship. But after that, this team also broke up. Doran and Chovy played for separate teams in 2020 before reuniting at Gen G in 2021, where things were going so well for them.

But at DRX nothing worked without the two stars in 2021 and trainer cvMax was fired on November 15 (via inven).

He hasn’t had a pro job in LoL since then.

Team Griffin before the LCCK finals against SKT1.

cvMax signs 3 of the best players of their generation and now has none of it

This is behind it: It’s unbelievable what an eye for talent cvMax showed a few years ago. Just discovering Chovy would be an achievement in itself. After all, this could be one of the best LoL players of all time.

But to find two other candidates for the “Top 5” with Viper and Tarzan and two other key players with Doran and Lehens at the same time is quite unusual.

This also explains why, after the collapse, players had some loyalty to cvMax from Griffin: Doran and Chovy both moved to Dragon X with him.

It’s a pity cvMax can’t capitalize on this success now. But gagging a player doesn’t exactly qualify him to coach a pro team, either:

LoL: Brilliant coach is said to have choked players – this is how the court drama ended

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