Winner Joko moderated show 3

Winner Joko moderated show 3
Winner Joko moderated show 3

+++ Updated August 31st +++

She did it. Celebrity challenger Nilam Farooq can defeat Joko in the final and is now hosting the big season finale. Here you can read everything about the 5th episode in detail.

+++ Updated August 24th +++

What a great show by Olli Schulz. With boy scout greetings and a real campfire, the Hamburg entertainer invited in episode 4 to the big TV holiday camp. Despite a wonderful evening, in the end it wasn’t enough for the 48-year-old and he had to hand his show back to Joko Winterscheid. You can read the full report on episode 4 here.

+++ Updated August 17th +++

He actually succeeded: Olli Schulz wins episode 3 and steals the show from Joko Winterscheidt.

+++ Updated August 16th +++

Tuesday is a good day for stealing—at least in the cosmos of “who’s stealing the show?”. Joko Winterscheidt is also allowed to moderate the 3rd episode of the current season. You can see tonight at 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben, Joyn and in the live stream whether he can also defend this show or whether he finally has to release the moderation desk. You can already catch a first glimpse in episode 3. Tonight, Joko will try to drive Nilam Farooq, Fahri Yardim, Olli Schulz and wildcard winner Gordon to insanity, among other things, with the TV Total borrowed “blame or sort”.

In the clip: Preview episode 3 – embarrass or sort

Non-Aggression Pact between Olli Schulz and Fahri Yardim

The good resolutions for episode 2 of the new season “Who’s stealing the show?” could really be felt in advance. Olli Schulz admits that he didn’t sleep for a whole week because he felt his performance at the season opener was unsatisfactory. He now wants to change that and win the show. Fahri Yardim seems much more tame this week. He even signed a non-aggression pact with Olli. The actor asserts: “We are on love!” After all the teasing we’ve had in the last week, maybe not the worst idea. Meanwhile, actress Nilam Farooq’s goals seem focused and goal-oriented: In the meantime, she’s been practicing with a prompter app to gain a decisive advantage in the semifinals. Will the good intentions pay off?

A quick departure for Olli Schulz?

It remains a short evening for Olli Schulz. After his early departure last week, he can’t last long in episode 2 either and has to leave the show after the first prize level. After the game “The Unnecessarily Complicated Answers” Fahri Yardim is already leading the round with 9 points. Olli Schulz has only been able to score 4 points so far and therefore has to start his journey home early. When he left, he seemed devastated, but still tried to see the positive: “But I’m successful with women.”

A hot fight for the final

The show then increasingly turns into a crime thriller. After the game “Hatte would have been Fragradkette” there is a tie between wildcard winner Marina and Fahri, which is why Joko has to decide the game by guessing. The 30-year-old Marina can assert herself here and sends the Hamburg actor home. A tight neck-and-neck race is also developing between the wildcard winner and Nilam Farooq. Although Marina answered seven questions correctly in the prompter game, Nilam Farooq, thanks to good previous performances, finally got three correct answers to qualify for the final.

Knowledge of Elon Musk helps Joko win

The last game of the evening also promises real thrills. With a 4:4 score, moderator Katrin Bauerfeind finally asked which product Elon Musk’s company The Boring Company mainly build. To Nilam’s regret, Joko has the right answer ready: tunnels. Joko Winterscheidt remains undefeated in episode 2 and is allowed to moderate his show a third time.

You can see how the season ends in the final episode on September 6 at 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben.

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