Act counter-cyclically – gold and silver, Swiss Resource Capital AG, press release

Act counter-cyclically – gold and silver, Swiss Resource Capital AG, press release
Act counter-cyclically – gold and silver, Swiss Resource Capital AG, press release

With anti-cyclical trading, the investor tries to invest against the general public.

A well-known advocate of this method was stock market guru Andre Kostolany. Buy when prices are low, preferably before prices rise, and sell when prices are high, was Kostolany’s advice in a nutshell. Each trend goes through three phases, the correction, the trend reversal (swing in mood) and the exaggeration. Then comes a correction in the opposite direction. Kostolany’s method is still valid today, although the difficulty lies in correctly recognizing the phases.

Gold and silver are currently in a phase of weakness. Crude oil prices, which have fallen from their high, are currently having a negative impact on precious metals, and there are still lockdowns in China. Gold futures for October and Comex silver futures for September have also fallen recently. With market sentiment not particularly good right now, counter-cyclical investors should be vigilant. Because it is advisable to buy when the market mood is bad and to sell when the economy or mood is good.

This is also based on the fundamental idea that the opinion of the majority leads to an exaggeration of prices, both downwards and upwards. Papers are sold out of fear or panic, and this continues to happen, resulting in prices that continue to fall. On the other hand, if investors are positive about the market and expect prices to continue to rise, then shares are bought, even at prices that are not fundamentally justified.

One of the well-established companies Tier One Silver – with silver, gold and base metal properties in Peru.

at Denarius Metals – the focus is on the Lomero project in Spain, drilling is underway. The Company also owns the Zancudo and Guia Antigua projects in Colombia.

Current company information and press releases from Denarius Metals (- -) and Tier One Silver (- /en/company/tier-one-silver-inc/ -).

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