Too warm summer! Now comes the spider invasion – wildlife

Too warm summer! Now comes the spider invasion – wildlife
Too warm summer! Now comes the spider invasion – wildlife

The summer is slowly coming to an end and you can already feel the so-called “autumn”. With the cold, the animals are also drawn into the house.

Those who are afraid of spiders will have to be particularly strong this year. The hot summer has more than favored the population of insects – especially spiders – and the cool morning and evening hours draw the eight-legged friends into houses and apartments. Experts speak of real “invasions”, which is why you will probably not just meet a single spider in the basement. Yay.

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Subtenant “House angle spider”

The house spider in particular likes to look for a warmer spot and provides small or large shock moments wherever it is warm and damp. But we don’t make it particularly difficult for the animals either, because tilted windows and open balcony doors really invite you to spend the winter. Despite the creepy exterior, we can give the all-clear for a moment: As large as it can get, this spider is also harmless.

How do I get rid of them?

Even if you have to pull yourself together – please don’t kill me. House angle spiders contribute a large part to a well-functioning ecosystem and are extremely effective against mosquitoes and other insects. It’s best to yell loudly and then throw the spinner outside with a glass and a piece of cardboard. You are also welcome to sit next to the noisy neighbors, but at least 50 meters further away – otherwise you will have a “de-ja-vu” by the next day at the latest.

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What can or should also help is the scent of lavender. Those with a green thumb should bring the plant to bloom in front of doors and windows as a scent barrier. Fly screens also help, of course, although the clever spider likes to get into the living room via small cracks in the masonry. Of course, whatever helps? Clean. Clean every corner several times a week and also take care of unpleasant odors for ItsyBitsy there. Vinegar, chestnuts, eucalyptus or peppermint are helpful.

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Essential Oils

A mixture of essential oils can be mixed with water in a spray bottle and sprayed onto the popular corners. Even one or the other scented candle is said to work wonders. If all else fails, then take a deep breath, because again: the house spider is really harmless and very useful, and sometimes it helps just to give the animal a cute name and greet it every day…

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