Olli Schulz relearns the clock

Olli Schulz relearns the clock
Olli Schulz relearns the clock

Whether as a musician, podcaster, actor or moderator: Olli Schulz is a true all-round talent. However, the Hamburger has not yet presented a quiz show.

These are the highlights of Olli Schulz in “Who is stealing the show from me?”

+++Update from 30.08.2022+++

In episode 5, entertainer Olli Schulz has to learn the clock again, as it is known in the capital. The time “quarter twelve” throws the panel into a wild discussion and only Fahri seems to understand the logic behind the Berlin expression.

While Olli tears his hair, even showmaster Joko Winterscheidt doesn’t really want to understand it. In the Berlin studio, they hope in vain that the audience will understand. However, Fahri can win his sympathy with a halfway understandable explanation. “You don’t even notice when he wants to snort!” complains Olli, offended.

The loss of his first own show in episode 4 seems to be still in the bones of the entertainer: for Olli Schulz it’s over after the second prize level in the 5th show. He says goodbye with an emotional serenade.

+++ Updated August 23, 2022 +++

With crowd surfing to the campfire: Olli Schulz with a brilliant opening of episode 4

What an evening with showmaster Olli Schulz. Even the opening of “Who steals the show from Olli Schulz?” promises a fantastic show. The entertainer opens with an ode to the big Saturday night shows of the ’90s – sung from an oversized TV – and a promise to make the night extra special. He announces the motto “Let television be great again” singing while floating through the audience carried on his hands. A brilliant start.

Olli’s television holiday camp

For his own edition of “WSMDS?” the Hamburger had a remarkable idea beforehand: his own TV holiday camp. That’s why Olli’s guests Nilam Farooq, Joko Winterscheidt, Fahri Yardim and wildcard winner Chiara are allowed to compete in boy scout style today and the studio is designed accordingly – including a real campfire romance in the middle of the studio.

The many faces of Olli Schulz

Throughout the evening, Olli proves his role as an all-round talent. He invites his guessing guests Nilam, Fahri, Joko and wildcard winner Chiara to the campfire for games or a sociable drink several times and shows that Olli Schulz can also strike a calm tone. Speaking of calm tones: just half an hour later, the Hamburg resident is back in full entertainer and plays a concert for the assembled audience, after taking them on a studio tour.

The 48-year-old moderates a more than amusing show as he pleases. In the final he competes against Joko Winterscheidt. You can find out who won in the report on the show. You can see the whole episode 4 here.

+++ Updated August 17, 2022 +++

Episode 3: Tour guide Olli against Fahri

In the semifinals of the 3rd episode “Who’s stealing the show?” Among other things, Olli Schulz proves his talent for improvisation as a tour guide on a tour of the studio. In the game “The Fast and the Tourist Bus” he should not only complain loudly about a bored passenger, but also collect more points than rival Fahri when filling in the gaps in the text and thus make it into the grand final against Joko Winterscheidt.

With Saganaki to victory

After Olli Schulz was able to assert himself against his competitors, he asserted himself in the final against Joko Winterscheidt and stole the show from him. His knowledge of literature and Greek cheese gives him the decisive advantage in a duel at eye level. This makes Olli Schulz the presenter of the next episode of “Who is stealing the show?”.

+++ Updated August 10, 2022 +++

Schummel-Olli with meditation exercises in episode 2

Bad start for Olli Schulz in episode 2 of “WSMDS?”. The second attempt of the current season “Who is stealing the show from me?” causes problems for the entertainer – here even the first question of “The Light Five”, the first game of the evening. Because he doesn’t know the answer, the native of Hamburg moves away from his own game console without permission, apparently catching a glimpse of Nilam’s display and copying their answer.

In the clip: Olli with a brazen attempt at cheating

Joko Winterscheid gets a quick-witted answer

Showmaster Joko immediately sees through Olli’s bold attempt at cheating and confronts the successful podcaster: “Did you look it up?” Olli Schulz wouldn’t be Olli Schulz if he didn’t have a prompt, quick-witted answer ready: “It’s a quiz – guess what!” Joko Winterscheidt even has to take his smartphone from the 48-year-old in the course of the game because he wants to use it as an unfair means in the meantime.

Olli Schulz seeks help from his guru

Because Olli Schulz doesn’t really want to find his way into the evening, he even calls on the audience to do a meditation breathing exercise as the show progresses. In the end, all the tricks and tricks are of little use to the singer-songwriter and he has to pack his bags far too early. But not without a funny Olli Schulz saying: “I’m successful with women.”

+++ Updated August 3, 2022 +++

Olli Schulz and Fahri Yardim in a clinch

In episode 1 of the 4th season, Olli Schulz provided some outstanding moments: whether it was an expletive towards the audience or a declaration of war on Fahri Yardim, the musician, presenter, actor and podcaster again didn’t mince his words.

Goodbye kiss from Joko

However, it wasn’t enough to get into the final, after winning stage 2 there was only a kiss goodbye from Joko. Will it be better for Olli in the coming weeks?

WSMDS: A portrait of Olli Schulz

Olli Schulz first gained notoriety with a musical radio column and as the frontman of the band Olli Schulz und der Hund Marie. From 2011 he was – sometimes also as his alter ego Charles Schulzkowski – a regular sidekick in various formats by and with Joko and Klaas.

After that, his career has remained extremely varied to this day: Olli Schulz released several records as a singer-songwriter, acted in various TV series and movies (including “Bibi & Tina – Voll verhext”, “Der Tatortreinigung”) and moderated documentary TV formats such as ” Schultz in the Box”.

His joint program with moderator and satirist Jan Böhmermann, “Fest & Flauschig”, is one of the most popular podcasts in Germany.

In 2022, Olli is now challenging his long-time colleague Joko to take over his job. In any case, the native of Hamburg cannot be accused of a lack of self-confidence, which is also illustrated by his latest declaration of war: “What you need for this show is quick-wittedness, intelligence and good looks. In other words: you need me. I bring everything that Joko doesn’t And soon he won’t even have his own show anymore,” explains the 45-year-old shortly before the start of season 4.

The most important facts about Olli Schulz

  • Name: Oliver Marc Schulz
  • Birthday: 10/15/1973
  • Place of birth: Hamburg
  • Age: 48

Olli Schulz’s discography

  • 2009: “It Burns So Beautifully”
  • 2012: “SOS – Save Olli Schulz”
  • 2015: “Feelings from the Ashes”
  • 2018: “Fucking Life, Well Told”

TV shows, films and series with Olli Schulz

  • 2009: “At Olli”, TV
  • 2012–2016: “Gentle & Careful”, radio
  • 2014: “Bibi & Tina – Fully bewitched!”, cinema
  • 2013-2015: “Schulz in the Box”, TV
  • 2016-2017: “Schulz & Böhmermann”, TV
  • since 2016: “Fest & Fluffy”, podcast
  • 2016: “Sing”, cinema, voice actor
  • 2019: “The Story of an Evening”, TV
  • 2021: “The Houseboat”, streaming
  • 2021: “Sound of Germany”, TV

Also in “Who’s stealing the show?” Season 4: Fahri Yardim and Nilam Farooq.

Episode 5 of “Who’s Stealing the Show?” starts on August 30 at 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben and in the live stream.

The article is in German

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