Climate bonus payment: What you need to know

Climate bonus payment: What you need to know
Climate bonus payment: What you need to know

Starting today, the climate and anti-inflation bonus will be paid out. Adults get 500 euros, children 250.

Anyone who has entered a current account number in FinanzOnline or receives benefits from the pension insurance company will have the money automatically transferred to their account. 1.2 million Austrians whose details are unknown or who do not have an account will receive the bonus in the form of Sodexo vouchers, which will be sent by RSa letter. An application is not necessary.

Voucher delivery from September 7th to 30th

As of today, September 1st, the mailings with the vouchers will begin to be sent. 60,000 letters per day are to be sent to the beneficiaries, according to a release by the Ministry of Climate Protection. The first vouchers should arrive around September 7th, but because of the large number, delivery will take until the end of September, according to the ministry.

Inflation: Bonus payments come earlier

Acceptance from the postman personally or with a power of attorney

The Sodexo vouchers come in denominations of 50 euros each and can be redeemed at several thousand companies from all sectors throughout Austria until the end of 2023. The vouchers are delivered by RSa letter, which may only be accepted in person or with a power of attorney form. They must be picked up personally at the post office.

The climate bonus is “the heart of the eco-social tax reform”, as Climate Minister Leonore Gewessler (Greens) emphasizes, and is intended to reward climate-friendly behavior. As part of the government’s six billion euro anti-inflation package, it was increased from the original 100 to 200 euros to 250 euros for this year, depending on the residential area, and a further 250 euros for inflation compensation was added. The government had originally assumed that the climate and anti-inflation bonus would be paid out from the beginning of October, but thanks to faster preparatory work, the money will now be transferred in September.

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