CFMoto 800MT Touring: Ride Report, Price, Specifications

CFMoto 800MT Touring: Ride Report, Price, Specifications
CFMoto 800MT Touring: Ride Report, Price, Specifications

The CFMoto 800MT Touring is the Chinese manufacturer’s first touring duro. During test rides, the bike surprises with technology, equipment and quality. But there is also criticism. Pictures, technical data, prices.

  • Exceptional value for money

  • Well equipped

  • Intensive cooperation with KTM

The fact that Chinese companies are pushing into the European motorcycle market is nothing new: Benelli, Mondial, Niu, Quingqi, Shineray, Sky Team, Sym Sanyang and Zhejiang are brand names that have appeared in German registration statistics for years. CFMoto is also one of them. The company, which is also KTM’s Chinese sales and production partner, is now launching its first travel enduro model, the 800MT.

Good: engine and range

The engine could be tuned better © Spotpress/fbn

In the 67 kW/91 hp To anticipate our conclusion, this powerful two-cylinder machine is currently the most technically demanding and also the best quality motorcycle of Chinese origin. Whereby one dies Gene donation from KTM in the form of the engine, transmission and electronic assistance systems of the 790 Adventure, which is no longer offered, should of course not be ignored.

Even in the China trim, the KTM in-line two-cylinder is not a powerless tiger: Although it is nominally lacking 4 hp, the Chinese had to make the engine suitable for Euro 5 first; KTM did without it at the time and replaced the 790 with the larger displacement 890 version shortly after its launch in 2019. The loss of torque weighs heavier than the 4 hp: Instead of the previous 89 Nm at 6600 rpm, this is now only 75 Nm on board, which also only at 8000 rpm apply in full.

Consumption suffers from the new, overall not really solid engine tuning and also that with 231 kilograms quite high vehicle weight: While the KTM 790 Adventure (210 kg) was still specified with 4.2 l/100 km, CFMoto states 5.0 liters for the 800MT. Our practical values ​​with mainly fast but relaxed country road tours were between 4.1 and 4.9 l/100 km. In view of the 19-liter tank, one is happy about a range of around 350 km.

CFMoto 800MT: Precision gearing

The CFMoto is more of a touring machine than an enduro, but detours onto dirt roads are definitely possible © KSR Group

The gearbox of the China cracker is also a pleasure. It shifts easily and precisely, the quickshifter for clutchless shifting works in the KTM manner, so it’s great. I like the clutch too. This is completely different from the Austro gene donor landing gear built by the Chinese. Instead of the WP suspension elements, those from Kayaba are fitted, instead of 20 cm there are only 16 (front) or 15 cm of spring travel. Of course, that’s enough for bad roads, but the values ​​are meager for a travel enduro. The emphasis is clearly on travel.

Because the vast majority of touring enduro riders have no greater ambitions than occasionally dashing down a dirt track, this is not a serious disadvantage.

Perfect: brakes and assistance systems

The brakes are from Nissin, which promises proven properties © Spotpress/fbn

It is gratifying that both the USD fork as well as the central spring strut can be set in all parameters. Even the basic setting is ok. The three-disc brake system purchased from Nissin works well, but is not one of the wild biters. Most drivers should be fine with it. Outstanding for a bike “Made in China” is the presence of a six-axis sensor; therefore, an ABS capable of banking and dynamic traction control are on board. Very praiseworthy!

Image gallery CFMoto 800MT

1 out of 4All-round LED lighting including auxiliary headlights and self-resetting indicators are always supplied© Spotpress/fbn

Pleasant facilities, reasonable prices

The 7 inch TFT display is very easy to read © Spotpress/fbn

We got along very well with the ergonomics of the CFMoto 800MT. The two-piece, non-height-adjustable seat is well contoured and comfortably padded, and the crucial triangle of seat, handlebars and footrests fits perfectly. Positive has us in the height adjustable windshield surprised; its wind protection is excellent, no significant turbulence was noticeable.

the Features of the 800MT Sport (9899 euros) is good. Always be delivered LED lighting all around, including auxiliary headlights and self-resetting turn signals, cruise control, a pannier rack system for three aluminum containers, a 12 V and a USB socket in the cockpit, which also includes a 7 inch TFT display having. It is very easy to read, and the on-board computer is also easy to use.

Bluetooth connectivity is of course provided. Two driving modes, “Sport” and “Rain”, are available. The fact that there is no enduro mode and that the ABS cannot be deactivated suggests that CFMoto does not ascribe any major off-road talents to the vehicle from the outset.

Highlights of the CFMoto 800MT Touring

Good to see: engine underguard and the luggage set of the touring version © KSR Group

the 2600 euros more expensive The touring version of the 800MT also comes with a heated driver’s seat, heated grips, steering damper, center stand, engine underguard, hand guards, tire pressure monitor and the aforementioned quickshifter. However, the highlight of the equipment optimization is this three-part aluminum case set: Meticulously processed, well equipped with inner lining and carrying handles as well as fine locks, it is also very easy to (dis)assemble and load.

The aluminum containers are optimally adapted to the motorcycle and have the usual volume of 28 or 35 liters; the top case holds 36 liters. Elsewhere, more than 1500 euros have to be spent for a high-quality, complete three-part case system including carriers.

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Technical specifications

manufacturer information

touring or (sports)

Engine / gear

Liquid-cooled two-cylinder in-line engine, 8 valves, DOHC, displacement 799 ccm, 67 kW/91 hp at 9250 rpm, 75 Nm at 8000 rpm; Injection, 6 gears, chain drive

driving performance and consumption

Top speed 195 km/h, 0-100 km/h approx. 4 s

Stationary noise 93 dB(A), standard consumption according to EU5 5.0 l/100 km, test consumption 5.1 to 5.9 liters/100 km E10

landing gear

steel bridge frame; front USD telescopic fork (fully adjustable), ø 43 mm, 160 mm travel; rear light alloy two-sided swingarm, central spring strut (fully adjustable), 150 mm spring travel; Wire-spoke aluminum rims (5-spoke cast aluminum wheels); tubeless tires 110/80 R 19 at the front and 150/70 R 17 at the rear. 320 mm double disc brakes at the front, 260 mm single disc brake at the rear

assistance systems

Cornering ABS, two driving modes, slipper clutch, cruise control, self-resetting LED turn signals, Touring only: Quickshifter, tire pressure monitoring

mass and weight

Wheelbase 1531 mm, seat height 825 mm, ground clearance 190 mm, weight ready to drive 231 kg, permissible total weight 413 kg, payload 182 kg; Tank capacity 19 liters


12,499 euros (9,899 euros)


The CFMoto 800 MT is available in Twilight Blue as Touring and Sport. In Nebula Black only as a sport © KSR Group

CFMoto would probably not be able to bring the 800MT to market in this form if various components from KTM were not available. But as a production partner of the Austrians, they have access to the latest technology. With a final price of 12,499 euros, the 800MT costs no more today than the 790 Adventure did in 2019 – without the pannier system. Her shortcomings are limited to a few points: inappropriate throttle response including a drop in torque in the medium speed range and insufficient payload with panniers mounted (167 kg).

Incidentally, the CFMoto is far ahead of the KTM in one important respect: you design was described as successful by all viewers without exception.

Text: Ulf Böhringer/SP-X

The article is in German

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