Encavis, Nel and Bavarian Nordic: 3 potential climbers – decision today

Encavis, Nel and Bavarian Nordic: 3 potential climbers – decision today
Encavis, Nel and Bavarian Nordic: 3 potential climbers – decision today

With the wind and solar power provider Encavis, only one German company is expected to make it into the Stoxx Europe 600 in September. On the other hand, two or three domestic companies will probably have to retire. This is the conclusion reached by index experts Yohan Le Jallé from Societe Generale and Pankaj Gupta from JPMorgan.

Both analysts expect the MDAX stock Encavis to be included in the review of the composition of the index with the 600 largest listed companies in Europe. The Norwegian Nel ASA, a manufacturer of devices for the production of hydrogen, is also among the companies that have committed themselves to alternative energies and are likely to be included in the index. And the Danish pharmaceutical group Bavarian Nordic should also be included in the index after the monkeypox-driven price rally. The company sells a smallpox vaccine that is also said to help against monkeypox.

Bavarian Nordic
(WKN: 917165)

On the other hand, the badly hit gas company Uniper, the media group ProSiebenSat.1 and – as Le Jallé still expects – TAG Immobilien are likely to decline. In addition, along with some other values, the British airline Easyjet is one of those 14 companies that have to vacate their place.

The Deutsche Börse subsidiary Stoxx Ltd. will announce any changes this Thursday, September 1, after close of trading. The implementation will take place on Monday, September 19th.

Index changes are particularly important for funds that replicate indices in real terms (such as physically replicating ETFs). There must then be shifted and reweighted accordingly, which can have an impact on share prices.

DER AKTIONÄR remains confident about the three probable climbers Encavis, Nel ASA and Bavarian Nordic. You can also read more about Bavarian Nordic in the new issue 36/2022 of AKTIONÄR, which you can download here.

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Note on conflicts of interest: Bavarian Nordic shares are in the SHAREHOLDER depot.

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