Demonstration in front of Wien Energie – “Prices have to go down” – Vienna

Demonstration in front of Wien Energie – “Prices have to go down” – Vienna
Demonstration in front of Wien Energie – “Prices have to go down” – Vienna

This Thursday afternoon there is a demonstration in front of the Wien Energie customer center. The motto: “Stop inflation!”

The Austrian Trade Union Confederation has around 1.2 million members. As many of them as possible should come to Vienna on September 17th for the “prices down” demo. But already today, September 1st, there will be a small kick-off event in this regard.

The left-wing autonomous spectrum has been calling for a demo in front of the Wien Energie customer center for a few days. Here, too, the reasons are obvious: letter after letter is coming in from the energy supplier, pointing out the next horrendous increase in electricity and gas. Immediately before winter, district heating prices rise by up to 92 percent.

About numerous cases of Viennese who simply can no longer cope with these calculations, “today“Already reported. Of course, the most recent cause related to security services, in which the company was temporarily no longer able to raise them from its own resources and had to take advantage of billions in aid.

“Don’t want to freeze”

The protest is also notoriously directed against the “merit order” and the capitalist economic system itself. For electricity from wind, water and solar power, too, the expensive price for energy from gas is due, and so inflation makes life more expensive. At the same time, many tenants are threatened with eviction, because rents automatically rise in times of high inflation. Nevertheless, landlords who convert from gas boilers to more sustainable heating technologies are the absolute exception.

“Winter is coming and we can’t afford it. We don’t want to starve or freeze because the little money we’re given to live on is no longer enough. Because there would be enough for everyone and this crisis is being caused by politics “, says Simone Steiner, spokeswoman for the alliance “en commun”, which is behind the demonstration.

Open mic at the Spittelau

September 1 was not chosen by chance, it is the day on which, according to the letter from Wien Energie, the new prices for electricity and gas apply. In order to show “protest and pressure from below”, they want to show their displeasure directly in front of the Wien Energie customer center at the Spittelau U4/U6 station.

Meeting point is at 5 p.m., participants are asked to bring their letters from Wien Energie to the meeting. “At the rally there will be speeches and an open microphone. Let’s let our complaints be heard!”

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