Petrol and diesel prices are rising significantly

Expensive petrol

The prices for diesel and petrol are again well over two euros.

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Berlin The reduction in the energy tax on fuels, the so-called tank discount, which has been lifted since midnight, is clearly noticeable at many petrol stations. This is shown by a quick evaluation of the prices at almost 400 gas stations in Munich, Berlin and Hamburg between 6 a.m. and 6.30 a.m. on Thursday by the German Press Agency using ADAC fuel price data. The prices at many gas stations were significantly higher than in the same period on Wednesday.

E10 premium petrol cost more than 2 euros on Thursday morning at most of the gas stations surveyed. On Wednesday morning, not a single gas station examined had priced beyond this threshold. Diesel, on the other hand, already cost more than 2 euros at the majority of the gas stations surveyed on Wednesday. On Thursday, the diesel price at most petrol stations was well above 2.10 euros, sometimes even more than 2.30 euros.

Arithmetically, the price of the E10 could increase by 17 cents as a result of the repeal of the 35 cent tax cut for diesel. However, prices had already risen significantly in the past two weeks. In addition, petrol station operators also bought at the reduced tax rate until Wednesday and could therefore initially sell petrol and diesel more cheaply. So it could be a while before the cancellation of the tax cut – also known as the tank discount – has a full impact on customers.

Tank discount ends in Germany, increases in France

While the tank discount has expired in Germany, France increased the discount at the pump on Thursday night. Instead of the previous 18 cents, a discount of 30 cents per liter of petrol or diesel will be granted on the mainland in September and October. According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, there is only a smaller discount in Corsica and in some overseas territories.

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In the following months, the tank discount should then melt away in France as well. In November and December it is to be reduced to 10 cents on the mainland and phased out completely at the end of the year.

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