Car accident at Ikea in Augsburg: Ronja’s smile is missing forever Regional

Augsburg (Bavaria) – Between all the candles and flowers there is a photo. It shows ten friends laughing exuberantly at the camera.

One of the young women will never spend such fun, carefree hours with her girls again.

Ronja lost her life in this large parking lot in Augsburg. Her friends and family have laid flowers and lit candles

Photo: Jacob Mell

Ronja died on the spot where the photo is now. In the Ikea parking lot in Augsburg. Then a farewell. “Rest in peace … your carnival girls”. On Friday evening, the saleswoman from Augsburg was taken out of her life (BILD reported).

She died at the age of 21 in an incredibly bad car accident in a tuned Mercedes SUV with more than 800 hp.

The accident

Shortly before 7.30 p.m. on Friday evening: Ronja, her boyfriend and a buddy are waiting for other friends at the Aral petrol station in the Gersthofen district of Augsburg.

The gas station there is known as a meeting place for the autoposer scene.

The trio talks to the driver (53) of a Mercedes SUV. He invites his friends for a jaunt.

Ronja died in this Mercedes. She was in the passenger seat and died on impact

Ronja died in this Mercedes. She was in the passenger seat and died on impact

Photo: Christoph Bruder / Bruder Media

In a long right-hand bend in front of the Ikea furniture store, the driver is said to have accelerated to 200 km/h. This is what young people who mourn Ronja at the scene of the accident tell themselves.

The SUV touches the curb, flies 150 meters over the Ikea parking lot. The vehicle, which weighs several tons, crashes into parked shopping trolleys.

Ronja, who is sitting next to the driver, does not survive the crash. She dies in the car in front of her boyfriend.

The other occupants escape with minor injuries. The police is investigating the exact cause of accident.

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