TikTok is testing paid live events

LinkedIn and Facebook users are already familiar with virtual paid events – now TikTok is also testing such a function. Does this create a new earning opportunity for creators?

TikTok is becoming more and more interesting for companies. After the introduction of a shop tab for selected users in the USA, it was recently announced that the social platform is working on a local feed and location tags. Social media expert Matt Navarra is now sharing screenshots of another test of the platform on Twitter: TikTok Live Events with a payment function.

Payment with TikTok Coins

The sample event presented by Navarre is a show by comedian Luisa Omielan at London’s Soho Theatre. The virtual broadcast of the event is hosted by TikTok UK and costs $4.99. Users can pay the sum in advance or at the start of the event. Once the event has started, the amount cannot be refunded.

As can be seen in the screenshots, the events can be paid for with so-called coins. Before paying, users must ensure that they have enough coins in their account. The means of payment is already known to users through functions such as TikTok Shoutout. This allows them to pay their favorite creators to send them a personalized video.

Earning opportunity for SMEs and creators?

Other social networks also offer online events with a payment function, including LinkedIn. The business platform launched virtual audio and video events as part of the clubhouse hype. In comparison to the Virtual Live Events for Pages, which were already released in 2020, viewers can interact with each other and be invited onto the virtual stage by the hosts.

Businesses and creators have been able to plan online events on Facebook since August 2020. The function was intended, among other things, to support small and medium-sized companies during the corona pandemic. The paid live events offer their organizers another opportunity to earn money – also on TikTok. It is still unclear in this regard whether all users can plan the events or whether they are only organized by TikTok itself in cooperation with well-known artists. We have listed other ways to earn money on TikTok in this article.

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