“My life was destroyed by his death”

“My life was destroyed by his death”
“My life was destroyed by his death”

In July 2020, Lisa Marie Presley probably experienced the worst that can happen to a mother: her son Benjamin Keough died, the 27-year-old committed suicide with a gun under the influence of alcohol and cocaine. In an essay, the daughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley wrote about the loss: “The grief does not stop or fade away in any way, not even a year or years after the loss,” says the text on the occasion of the “National Grief Awareness Day” – a day for people who have lost their loved ones.

“Nothing, absolutely NOTHING can relieve the pain”

The wounds seem so deep that even time cannot heal them: “Nothing, absolutely NOTHING can relieve the pain,” says the 54-year-old. It continued: “My life and that of my three daughters as we knew it was completely upset and destroyed by his death. We live in this situation every single day.”

Continuing is worthwhile – for her daughters

The singer had to deal with the topics of loss and grief early on: her father Elvis Presley died when she was nine. Her son Benjamin was “so similar to his grandfather in so many ways that it actually scared me,” the American remembers. It is a daily decision and constant challenge to move on – which she makes and masters for her three daughters, Finley, Harper and Riley: “I am moving on because my son has made it very clear in his final moments that concern for his little sisters and knowing they were being taken care of was his number one concern,” she writes.

Don’t avoid mourners

Grief is “incredibly lonely”: While people would show their support “in the heat of battle,” they would soon go back to their own lives “and expect you to do the same. If you’re incredibly lucky, fewer than a handful of people will stay in touch with you after the first month or so.” Also from her own experience, the ex-wife of Michael Jackson and Nicholas Cage appeals: “So if you know someone who lost a loved one no matter how long ago please call them and ask how they are doing. Go visit them, they’ll really appreciate it, more than you know…”.

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