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From September 1st, meteorologists will have to raise the curtain for autumn! But by no means – the summer has another hot hit: In the coming days it will be really sunny and warm again!

“Today could also be a day in mid or late June. We get a lot of sunshine and highs that are sometimes over 25 degrees. Sunday and Monday there are even up to 30 degrees in the west, maybe a little more,” says qualified meteorologist Dominik Jung from

Archive picture: The warm light of the morning sun shines behind a row of trees on a field near Beeskow (Brandenburg) on ​​September 29th, 2015

Photo: dpa

The general weather situation remains as it is. We are mostly stuck in the high air pressure and probably throughout September and October as well.

“It smells like a beautiful Indian summer and a golden October. The weather could also be very friendly, dry and mostly sunny at the Oktoberfest in Munich this year,” explains weather expert Jung.

Archive image: bright sunshine at Oktoberfest in Munich 2018

Photo: picture alliance / SvenSimon

This is how it will continue in the coming days:

Friday: sunny, dry, 22 to 29 degrees

Saturday: showers and thunderstorms possible in the west, otherwise quite nice at 22 to 27 degrees

Sunday: lots of sunshine, 22 to 31 degrees

Monday: sunny and 23 to 32 degrees, thunderstorms possible in the west in the evening

Tuesday: muggy and thunderstorm with sunshine, 22 to 28 degrees

Wednesday: lots of sunshine, later a few showers or thunderstorms, 22 to 28 degrees

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Indian summer here – storms in the Mediterranean

It will remain rather friendly throughout autumn and it could continue to be dry – while storms are constantly unfolding around the Mediterranean.

Graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung from explains: “Should a stormy weather situation actually set in in the Mediterranean region in autumn, then that would bring us a nice autumn high as a counterpart, i.e. the golden October or Indian summer”.

Due to the extremely warm water around the Balearic Islands, experts measure over 30 degrees in places, there is a risk of hurricane-like cyclones forming there.

Infographic: That's why the leaves are changing colour

Weather expert Jung: “These are called Medicane. They can bring heavy rain with flooding, hurricane gusts and meter-high waves. The water temperatures in the Mediterranean are reaching record values, the water has never been so warm there. It could be stormy times in the Mediterranean this autumn and as a counterpart we would get high air pressure again with lots of sunshine and further drought.”

Severe thunderstorms in September 2020 in Greece

Severe thunderstorms in September 2020 in Greece


It’s blocking weather and has been for months. Again and again an offshoot from the Azores high comes to Central Europe.

Weather expert Jung: “And then there is no room for lows. They keep passing us to the north or south, hitting the Mediterranean on the southerly course.”

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