Live! Bayern Munich travels to the top game at Union Berlin

Live! Bayern Munich travels to the top game at Union Berlin
Live! Bayern Munich travels to the top game at Union Berlin

Second in the table against the leaders – Union Berlin against Bayern Munich is the top game of the fifth Bundesliga matchday. The live ticker.

Manager Oliver Ruhnert does not feel any “particular anticipation” before the top game in the Bundesliga of 1. FC Union Berlin on Saturday (3.30 p.m. / Sky) against the German record champions FC Bayern Munich. The Irons are level on points (10) behind the defending champions, with a win at the Stadion an der Alten Försterei Union could take the lead from Borussia Dortmund (12).

“Honestly. You lose a little bit of enjoying the current situation, although you really shouldn’t,” Ruhnert explained in an interview with the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (Saturday). “Because I don’t focus from week to week like a normal football fan – as the person responsible, you automatically focus on a whole season,” emphasized the Managing Director of Professional Football.

He is also not the type to constantly look at the table. “I’m relatively unpretentious,” assured the 50-year-old Sauerland native. The table only interests him when Union has reached 40 points.

The brand is again the first target for the Irons this season, despite the fact that they are participating in the Europa League for the first time. In the past season, the Köpenickers had already gained their first international experience in the Conference League. In the summer of 2019, Union Berlin was promoted to the Bundesliga for the first time, Ruhnert has been in office since May 2018.

When asked when he last watched a football game just for pure pleasure, Ruhnert replied: “For pure pleasure, honestly, only when I’m a referee. Then I can watch a game without being interested in how it ends.” (dpa)

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