Ritter vom Siebengebirge is a knight this time | Honnef today

Ritter vom Siebengebirge is a knight this time | Honnef today
Ritter vom Siebengebirge is a knight this time | Honnef today

The Knights of the Siebengebirge and Mayor Lutz Wagner with Conny Scheuer (centre)

Königswinter-Oberpleis – Kornelia Scheuer will be the knight of the chapter of the Order of the “Ritter vom Siebengebirge” this year. It was presented on Friday in the “Zum Ännchen” restaurant in Königswinter-Oberpleis. At the opening of the wine festival in Königswinter on Friday, September 30, 2022, she will be “knighted” by Bacchus.

Kornelia (Conny) Scheuer was born in May 1961 in the zodiac sign Taurus. She is married to Josef Scheuer, they have a son together. She lives in Koenigswinter-Gratzfeld

These are the reasons why she was called to the Chapter of the Order:

1st May Queen of the Oberhau in 1981

2. In the Catholic parish of Mariä Himmelfahrt Eudenbach from 1975 to 1997 in various positions: Former head of the library, as a member of the parish council in various positions, including youth committee; Liturgy Committee; ecumenism. Since 1993 member of the KFD (currently: local committee).

3. Carnevalist and member of the women’s committee “Amazons drink us” Eudenbach
Entry: 1987 – First time on the carnival stage: 1988 – “The President” from 1998 to 2010 (age 13)

4. From 1986 to the present day, i.e. 36 years, “Head of Table Tennis”. Conny Scheuer was the “first” woman to be elected to the board of TUS Eudenbach. In 2004, the 1st women’s team – including TT player Conny Scheuer – was promoted to the district league.
In the successful table tennis department today, among others, play: 1 women’s team; 4 men’s teams; the youth team plays in the 1st district class.

5. 1997 member of the board of directors of the Oberhau business district.

6. Professionally: since 1978 employed by the city of Königswinter

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