Success striker Becker: Union champions? “Everything is possible”

By Sebastian Karkos

Boom Boom Boris! That was Boris Becker’s (54) battle name. Now the Bundesliga has a boom boom Becker.

Union striker Sheraldo Becker (27) is number 1 in the league with four goals after four match days – alongside Nkunku from Leipzig.

On Saturday, Bum Bum Becker will go in search of goals against Bayern in the Alte Försterei.

BZ asked the Dutch striker, who plays for Suriname: A Union top scorer? Conceivable?

Sheraldo Becker: Why not? But assists are also okay for me.

Leicester City surprisingly became England champions in 2016. Will Union become Germany’s Leicester?

Anything is possible in football – Leicester have shown that. Leicester were a real team. They didn’t have better players than others. Like us. But there is still a long way to go until then. First of all we want to stay up in the league. What then? What we can achieve, we want to achieve. It was the same last season. In the end we were in the Europa League.

And now Bayern are coming.

When you’re young you want to play for Bayern – or against them. Everyone wants to show themselves against the biggest teams. We are ready for Bayern.

Is Bayern better without Lewandowski?

As they present themselves now, it looks like it. They create so many chances – Mané, Coman, Gnabry, Musiala. You have many alternatives.

Speaking of Mane…

I’m a fan of his. This guy is crazy. Mané is incredibly fast, strong in one-on-ones, goes deep.

Sheraldo Becker escapes Schalke’s Alex Kral Photo: picture alliance/dpa/Revierfoto

At 35.97 km/h you are the fastest player of the season – together with Bayern’s Alphonso Davies. Today you play directly against each other on your right side.

I like playing against players like that. That motivates me even more. It won’t be easy, he’s doing well. Me too (laughs).

What role does coach Urs Fischer play for you?

A big! He’s a reason I stayed. Other clubs have contacted me. But I said to the coach: ‘I’ll stay, no matter who calls.’ I think he was happy. It’s not about the money. You must be feeling good.

Were there any specific offers in the summer?

Naturally. From England, Germany. But I only had one thought in my head: ‘I want to stay.’ But: If come, I’ll definitely go (laughs). The others have to wait.

You’ve been playing with shirt number 27 since 2019. Why haven’t you changed in between?

My adviser also said: ‘Take the 10.’ No, I started with 27 and will finish with that. With the 27 I play well!

Her stepson Mason (turns 7 today) has recently joined Union. Who is his role model?



He wants to play forward because he’s tall for his age. And he wants to score and celebrate.

His birthday wish must be a goal from you against Bayern…

He said that one win would be enough for him…

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