Ukraine war in the live ticker: Secret service: Ukraine accelerates advance and exposes Russian weaknesses

  • 1:11 p.m.: ➤ London: Broad advance of Ukrainian troops west of the Dnipro
  • 11:04 a.m .: Greens want to “increase” supply weapons to Ukraine
  • 10:00 am Kyiv: At least 380 children killed in war in Ukraine
  • 08:59: Ukraine wants to deliver nuclear power to Germany

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➤ London: Broad advance of Ukrainian troops west of the Dnipro

According to British secret services, Ukraine is currently forcing a broad advance on three axes west of the Dnipro River in its counter-offensive in the Cherson region in the south of the country. Although this offensive only had limited immediate targets, it probably surprised the Russians tactically, according to a short report by the Ministry of Defense in London on Saturday.

This would expose logistical shortcomings and weaknesses in the leadership of the Russian offensive. Russian commanders would now have to decide which region to focus on for supplies and reserve troops.

Since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine at the end of February, the British government has regularly published intelligence information about its progress. Moscow accuses London of a targeted disinformation campaign. (dpa)


The situation at a glance:

Since February 24, Russia has been waging a war of aggression against Ukraine from the air and on the ground. Shortly before, President Vladimir Putin had questioned Ukraine’s right to exist as an independent state and recognized the so-called People’s Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine.

Since then, the Ukrainian army has been fighting the invaders as best they can. Thousands of dead are reported on both sides, but exact numbers of soldiers and civilians have not been independently verified. The fact is: the humanitarian situation in Ukraine is getting worse every day. The refugee agency UNHCR has now registered more than 11.9 million border crossings from Ukraine (as of August 30). The refugees are mainly women and children, as men between the ages of 18 and 60 are not allowed to leave the country.

The EU and the USA reacted with sanctions. They are also supplying arms to Ukraine, and Germany is also supporting the country with arms deliveries. Ukraine is also to receive Gepard-class tanks from Germany. So far, it has been ruled out that NATO will actively intervene in the war.

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Map of the military situation in Ukraine. (Warning: This infographic will be updated regularly)


More news from September 3rd

Poland’s border guard counts six million arrivals from Ukraine

Since the start of the Russian attack on Ukraine at the end of February, Polish border guards have registered more than six million arrivals from the neighboring country. 22,200 people came on Friday, as the authority announced on Saturday. In the opposite direction, 25,700 people crossed the border. This continued a trend from the past few weeks: there are now more returnees than people leaving on a daily average. Poland and Ukraine are connected by a border more than 500 kilometers long. This is also one of the eastern borders of the European Union.

A total of 4.2 million people have entered Ukraine from Poland since the beginning of the war on February 24. According to the authorities, the majority of these were Ukrainian citizens. There is no official information on how many war refugees stayed in Poland and how many traveled on to other EU countries. Before the Russian invasion, Ukraine had a population of more than 44 million. (dpa)

Greens want to “increase” arms supply to Ukraine

In view of the Ukraine war, the Greens are calling for more “defensiveness” – and the willingness of the West to openly defy autocratic governments such as those in Russia and China. “The Russian war of aggression in Ukraine shows us how fatal it is when we make ourselves dependent on autocrats and aggressive foreign policy actors,” quoted the newspapers of the Funke media group (Saturday editions) from the federal executive committee’s main proposal for the Green Party Congress in the October.

“That is why we are supplying arms to Ukraine and want to continue to do so more, where necessary from the stocks of the Bundeswehr and industry,” the application continues. The party executive sees the use of weapons as an opportunity to gain political leeway: “The military never brings the solution, but it sometimes creates time windows in which conflicts can be solved politically within the framework of a rule-based world order.”

At the same time, the Greens still want to be seen as a peace party: “Even if military means are currently unavoidable to defend peace and to show solidarity with the people in Ukraine, we stand for the principles of disarmament and demilitarization as well as priority in the long term in the spirit of feminist foreign policy of the civil one.” (afp)


Russia criticizes the lack of US visas for its UN delegation

According to Russia, it has not yet received visas from the United States to allow its delegation to participate in the general debate at the UN General Assembly in New York in around two weeks. In a letter to UN Secretary-General António Guterres available to the AFP news agency on Friday (local time), Moscow expressed its “concern” about Washington’s behavior. The US government blamed Moscow for visa processing delays.

“None of the 56 Russian representatives from the main team and the opening act has so far received an entry visa to the USA,” criticized the Russian ambassador Wassily Nebensia in the letter. The situation is similar for the crew and journalists traveling on the plane that Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is supposed to bring to New York as the head of the delegation.

“This is all the more alarming given that in recent months the US authorities have repeatedly refused entry visas for Russian delegates who wanted to attend UN events,” Nebensia wrote.

A US State Department spokesman said the United States “takes seriously its obligations as a host country to the UN.” He cannot comment on specific cases because visa procedures are confidential. (afp)

Kyiv: At least 380 children killed in Ukraine war

According to information from Kyiv, at least 380 children have been killed since the Russian war against Ukraine began more than six months ago. This was announced by the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office on Saturday in the Telegram news channel. In addition, at least 737 children have been injured in the past six months. The public prosecutor pointed out that these are preliminary figures. It is difficult to collect data in Russian-occupied or contested areas.

The Donetsk region in the east had the most injured and killed children with 388 victims, followed by the Kharkiv region (204). In addition, a total of 2,328 educational institutions were damaged by bombs or shelling. 289 of them were completely destroyed. The authority blamed Russia for this. (dpa)

Ukraine wants to supply nuclear power to Germany

Ukraine wants to support Germany with the delivery of nuclear power on its way out of dependence on Russian energy supplies. “Ukraine is currently exporting its electricity to Moldova, Romania, Slovakia and Poland. But we are quite ready to expand our exports to Germany,” Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Schmyhal told the German Press Agency. “We have enough electricity in Ukraine thanks to our nuclear power plants. I’ll address that during my visit to Berlin and then to Brussels.” (dpa)


With material from dpa, Reuters and AFP

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On February 24, 2022, Russia unleashed one of the largest military conflicts in Europe since World War II. The war in Ukraine lasted half a year on Wednesday. An overview of what happened on the ground and the consequences for the rest of the world.

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