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Giovanni di Lorenzo’s question as to whether Herbig would make a film like “Der Schuh des Manitou” again today, the comedian clearly denied: “The comedy police have become so strict. That takes away a bit of the innocence. And the freedom.” And he added: “I think certain developments are totally right. I totally understand the fact that people talk about things that today you might not say the way you did 20 years ago. I just think this discussion is a bit polemical. And I have the impression that everyone is so loud at the moment that no one is listening to the other.”

In general, it is much more difficult to shoot comedies today than it was back in the days of the “Bully Parade”, says the native of Munich. And he explained: “Because people step on people’s toes much faster now. Back then, we lived by the philosophy that if we make those we’re kidding laugh, we’ve done everything right. It’s difficult today in that if someone throws the manslaughter argument at me, ‘You hurt my feelings,’ I can’t say, ‘That’s not true’.”

Bully Herbig sees the end of the comedy scene: “It’s too hot for me”

Herbig then found more clear words on the subject of “artistic freedom”: “If at some point there is a catalog that says you can joke about the person, but not about this person or cultural group, then you get into such a rut . So I wouldn’t have fun with it anymore. And I see very dark times ahead if we continue to gallop in this direction. Then at some point there will be people who say, ‘I don’t do comedies anymore, that’s too hot for me’.”

Finally, the successful director, whose media satire “A Thousand Lines” will be released in German cinemas on September 29th, noted that the two polarized camps in the “Winnetou” debate had something else in common: “You can say that they are all dissatisfied with the overall situation. ..”

“Der Schuh des Manitou”, which in 2001 parodied the “Winnetou” film adaptations of the 1960s, attracted around 12 million viewers to the cinemas and 20 years later is still one of the most successful German films.

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