A look at the shopping trolley: survey: “In a year I won’t be able to afford a piece of bread”

Inflation has us completely under control and when walking through the supermarket shelves every day, many Carinthians now look (even) more closely at prices. The percentage stickers, which can be stuck to individual products, are also very popular. We asked around in front of and in a supermarket and asked how buying behavior had changed.

Before shopping

Viktoria K., 58, office clerk: See what’s more expensive this time

“Electricity, rent, groceries, everything is more expensive today. And even more expensive tomorrow. Soon I hardly dare to drive a car anymore. My husband works in shifts and I work full-time, we have no children and yet that is often missing Money at the end of the month. We saved more this month, so I can go shopping in peace, but I’ll probably have to give up some things anyway. Let’s see what’s more expensive this time.”

Iva C., 21, apprenticeship cook: Not that bad

“My shopping behavior hasn’t changed much. Of course I look more at the prices now, but I’ve always only bought the essentials. I’ve never been a big fan of sweets or anything, so luckily I don’t see a problem with that yet me. But I don’t have a family or children to feed, so it’s something different for me. I also live with my parents and get paid a lot, so I probably don’t notice it. It’s not that bad for me.”

Paul R., 26, Retail: Customers buy less and cheaper

“I pay a lot of attention to prices and offers myself. I work in retail and see how much the buying behavior of customers has changed. I’m no exception. Financially I’m not bad at all, but I still make sure to save, how it goes.”

In the supermarket

Justin U., 25, college student: Discount stickers must be

“I still live with my parents, and they generally do the shopping too, unless I need something special or I’m home alone. Because I’m alone today, all I want to do is buy a frozen pizza for dinner and a few more things, and myself I have the discount stickers with me. You have to these days. Soon I’ll be able to stick three on an item. But even when my parents are shopping, I notice the price increase because they buy other brands.”

Gregor F., 32, self-employed: Tap water instead of cola

“I try to save where possible. In the past you bought chips and cola, today it’s strawberries you planted and tap water. Maybe that’s a good thing. I’ve traveled a lot myself, but I can put that makeup off right now “Even with all the bonuses, the government doesn’t do enough for me. What use are they to me if I can hardly afford anything right now? Today I notice how often I look at the price when I’m shopping, it wasn’t like that before. “

Laurenz D., 37, car technician: Hardly anything affordable

“Prices keep going up. In a year’s time I won’t be able to afford a piece of bread if everything goes on like this. It’s all a bad joke and the politicians won’t do anything about it either. They don’t have any financial worries. We are It doesn’t matter to anyone. Because of the price increases, you can hardly afford anything anymore, but those up there don’t care.”

Actions are used

Samir A., ​​mid 40s, single parent: Strike at actions

“I’ve been unemployed since Corona and that’s why it’s difficult for me. I’m also raising a boy on my own, so it’s much harder. I stick stickers everywhere and look for campaigns. These sweets were in campaign today and that’s why I have them taken with the little one. You have to save where you can, but when there are promotions, you sometimes have to strike.”

Samir A
© Marcel Schachner

Evelin, 78, pensioner: Four instead of two euros

“What cost two shillings 50 years ago cost two euros a few years ago. Today it’s four. A few years ago everything was too expensive for me, and today I hardly want to buy anything unless there are discounts on it. “It’s a mess. I only bought myself some fruit and some bread and even that only with the stickers. Luckily I can still reasonably afford it, I’m single. But when I imagine that I’m still supporting a family now I couldn’t do that anymore.”

Mia S., 17, student: Price increase noticeable

“I was sent here just to quickly buy something for my parents. But they told me to take the cheapest thing and pick a sticker somewhere. That’s often the case lately. I think they’re noticing the price increase very much. Me I also saw when I was looking that the shelves with promotions were almost empty, but they probably always are.”

Mia S
© Marcel Schachner

Ferdinand L., 82, pensioner: Take precautions instead of worrying

“You know, a few weeks ago baking powder was on sale. I love to bake. Now I’ve got supplies through December and probably longer. Same thing with dish soap and rice and a few more things. My buying behavior has changed a lot since then. I’m concerned I don’t, but I take precautions. That’s the smartest thing you can do today. I look at offers and strike whenever I can.”

Yusuf L., 52 and Hilal L.: Donate plasma to earn extra

“We only bought a little bit for ourselves, the tangerines are for my mother. We’ve been donating plasma for two months to earn a little extra. You have to do everything you can to make ends meet. Always the percentage picks Sticking it to the most expensive things is fine with that. In the past, our shopping trolleys were always full to the brim, but now we go shopping more often, don’t buy that much, and chase sales.”

Yusuf L. and Hilal L.
© Marcel Schachner

Leonie R., 18, student: Only snack and energy drink today

“When shopping, there’s not much to say, I hardly ever do the shopping myself. Today I only bought a snack and energy drinks. But even that is extremely expensive. I actually wanted to get my driver’s license this year. But I’d rather wait “It can take forever for gas prices to get back to normal. The bus will do until then, even if some friends live further away and I would like to visit them more often. I haven’t been able to see some of them since the beginning of the pandemic , a real shame.”

Gregor, 23, Natalie, 24, students: Can’t do without stickers anymore

“We only bought a few things, and even then we put these stickers on almost everything. We never used them before inflation and now we can’t do without them. We’re chasing promotions like never before. I’m confident that It’s not going to get much worse. It’s going to stagnate for a moment and then go down again. At least I hope so.”

Gregory and Natalie
© Marcel Schachner

Benjamin K., 27, office worker: Climate bonus is not enough

“I just bought myself a snack for today. I still have two rolls and a coke, sausage at home. I got the climate bonus a few days ago, but that’s not enough. It can take longer. A few A hundred euros is far from enough. You can no longer afford vacations anyway, nor can you drive a car, and soon you won’t be able to buy groceries either. But our politicians don’t care anyway.”

Benjamin K
© Marcel Schachner

Anastasija L., 31, Kai L., 30: Buy less, eat less

“Rent is skyrocketing, so are food prices. I mean, do we have a money tree at home? Where am I going to get the money from? We’re already saving where we can and there’s no end in sight. We just buy the bare essentials and even then the prices are rising, so that we have to plan everything. What was taken for granted a few years ago is a big problem today, even the food. We’ve been eating a lot less since then. We just want to buy a sausage and bread for a snack.”

Gerhard F., early 40s, construction engineer: “Anticipation” for the winter

“I just bought a little bit of fruit. The rest I have at home. I didn’t realize that fruit has become particularly expensive. Probably only in comparison to other foods, I don’t notice it that much. Some things are really much more expensive, a cheek. I’m already looking forward to the winter, the heating costs with inflation – a dream.”

Gerard F
© Marcel Schachner

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