Revealed – first details on the electricity bill cover – Austria News

Revealed – first details on the electricity bill cover – Austria News
Revealed – first details on the electricity bill cover – Austria News

The federal government is likely to present the cap on electricity bills as early as next week. Now the first details have become known.

Austrians’ electricity bills have been going through the roof for months. Now it looks as if the federal government has agreed on capping the bills.

The implementation is still in progress

According to information from the Kurier, the ÖVP and the Greens want to appear in front of the press and present the details as early as next week. “The concept for the electricity price brake is to be presented next week. At the same time, work is being carried out on implementation,” said a spokesman for Environment Minister Leonore Gewessler.

As noted by WIFO boss Gabriel Felbermayr in an expert paper that “Heute” reported in detail on, the previous year’s requirement should no longer be the basis for the cap, but a certain basic consumption. The trade union confederation proposed capping 3,000 kilowatt hours (KWh) of basic consumption and selling everything in excess of this at market prices.

There were recently unanswered questions about whether everyone in Austria should benefit equally from the relief. The expert paper says: “It is true that rich households can also cope with high energy bills and are not affected by energy poverty. For reasons of economy, it would therefore be conceivable to exclude them from the basic electricity quota at a fixed price”.

In order to carry out a social classification, however, the energy suppliers would need information about the households again. Felbermayr says that this has already proven to be extremely difficult with the energy voucher and that around 90 percent of all households were entitled to it. At the moment, everything is pointing to the fact that there will be no staggering of the electricity price cap either.

“It would be easier to start with information about socially disadvantaged households that the energy suppliers already have – for example with the GIS exemption. The subsidy could be higher for such groups. In addition, if there were delays in the full programme , immediately subsidize the electricity bills of this group of consumers,” the paper continues. Citizens should welcome the step, a recent survey shows that a majority approves of state intervention in the field of energy supply.

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