Use these tips to reduce the power consumption of your dishwasher

Use these tips to reduce the power consumption of your dishwasher
Use these tips to reduce the power consumption of your dishwasher
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Created: 9/3/2022 3:19 p.m

Of: Diana Rissman


It may come as a surprise to many, but washing dishes by machine is more efficient than washing dishes by hand. These tips will save you even more energy.

Kassel – Gas, oil and electricity – ever since the Ukraine conflict escalated into war and sanctions were imposed on Russia, energy prices have continued to rise, worrying consumers. The price of electricity has already risen sharply in recent years: with a consumption of 3500 kilowatt hours, from around 14 cents per kilowatt hour in 2000 to around 37 cents per kilowatt hour in April 2022. The trend is currently rising. Some experts expect inflation to rise by a further 15 percent by 2023. It is worth taking a closer look at the power guzzlers in the household. In addition to the washing machine, tumble dryer, refrigerator and co., this also includes the dishwasher.

With the dishwasher, the dishes can already be cleaned more efficiently than with washing dishes by hand. But if you follow a few tips, you can save even more energy. But first: The power consumption of a dishwasher depends on the size of the device and the energy efficiency class. According to the consumer advice center, a particularly energy-saving dishwasher consumes less than 70 kilowatt hours per 100 wash cycles. It is therefore advisable to buy a new device about every ten years in order to always have a device with the currently most favorable energy efficiency class.

A dishwasher works most efficiently when it is properly and fully loaded. (symbol photo) © Martin Gerten/dpa

Save energy – that’s how much electricity an average dishwasher uses

A common dishwasher (formerly class A+) consumes between 850 and 1100 watts on average, writes the consumer portal This results in costs of around 24.8 cents for electricity per wash cycle. Noisy an efficient dishwasher (formerly A+++) only uses about 17.5 cents per wash. If you are currently planning to purchase a new device, you should not only pay attention to the energy efficiency, but also to the size. If a smaller dishwasher with a width of 45 centimeters is sufficient for you, you should think about switching. Noisy the narrower devices consume around a third less electricity.

With these simple tips, you can use the dishwasher even more efficiently:

  • Even if the rinse cycle takes longer as a result, consumer portals recommend it and use eco mode. In Eco mode, the water is not heated as much, which saves electricity. A longer exposure time will still make the dishes very clean.
  • Do without rinsing in between and only switch on the machine when it is really fully loaded. Also make sure that the dishes are properly loaded so that they are clean in the first wash cycle and the machine does not have to be started a second time. With the aluminum foil trick you can also prevent the unsightly rust film.
  • In the best case, replace the device about every ten years so that the currently most favorable efficiency class is always used.
  • 1- to 2-person households should consider purchasing a smaller machine (45 centimetres) as it is noisy can save up to a third of electricity.

The washing machine also consumes a lot of electricity – but which saves more energy – the short or the eco program? (to you)

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