Gas station in Valais sells petrol at half price

Expensive mishap

Gas station in Valais sells petrol at half price

Because of an error, drivers in Visp were able to fill up with petrol for several hours at an unbeatable price. The gas station owner seems to have taken the expensive breakdown reasonably easy.


At this filling station, Valais could buy petrol for 1.17 francs per liter for several hours.

Anyone who drove past the Tamoil gas station in Visp VS on Friday evening could not believe their eyes. A liter of petrol cost a mere 1.17 francs there. In large parts of Switzerland, the price of petrol is almost twice as high at around 2.20 francs.

A mistake when setting up the ad was responsible for the ridiculous price. The owner probably wanted to enter 2.17 francs for the price of Super Plus 98, but accidentally chose one instead of two. But the customers really didn’t care – they filled up as much as they could.

A Blick reader reporter also passed the gas station in Valais. “I thought to myself at first, that can’t be right,” she says. «Of course I immediately went to fill up. There was already a line of cars in front of me. I had to wait a bit. But it was worth it.” She filled the tank of her car to the top – around 34 liters of Super Plus fit in. “I paid almost 40 francs for this.”

“Early Christmas Present”

When she finished filling up, she saw other people rushing to what is probably the cheapest gas station in Switzerland, even with canisters. “Then I thought to myself that it’s not even such a stupid idea,” says the Blick reader. Without further ado, she also organized several canisters and returned to the Tamoil. “In total, I took about 65 liters home with me.”

According to the Blick reader, the price was set incorrectly at around 6 p.m. The error was fixed by midnight at the latest. But by then, the Valais had already stocked up en masse with the cheap fuel. Exactly how many liters were bought and how high the loss for the owner is is not known. Blick could not reach him until now. According to the reader reporter, he took the incident with humor. “When he noticed the mistake, he just said: ‘That was an early Christmas present for people’.”

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