Basketball EM: Germany against Bosnia-Herzegovina in the live ticker

Basketball EM: Germany against Bosnia-Herzegovina in the live ticker
Basketball EM: Germany against Bosnia-Herzegovina in the live ticker
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Created: 09/03/2022Updated: 9/3/2022 3:52 p.m

Of: Vincent Fisher


The German basketball players around Franz Wagner (left) and captain Dennis Schröder want to follow up after the brilliant opening win against Bosnia-Herzegovina. © IMAGO / Sven Simon

After the opening victory over France, Germany will meet Bosnia-Herzegovina in the 2022 European Basketball Championship. We report in the live ticker.

  • Basketball European Championship: Germany . Bosnia-Herzegovina: 59:53
  • Germany with big problems: Unusual blunders in the DBB team
  • To care around Daniel Theiss: DBB star with knee problems
  • This live ticker is continuously updated.

3:26: The refs watch a foul on Dennis Schröder again in the replay. The whole thing takes quite a long time, the referees are looking for the moment of contact. It remains a personal foul against the Bosnian, no unsportsmanlike play. Schröder converts both free throws.

3:52: Bosnia with the first scent mark in the third third. Vogtmann fails, in return Musa transforms. Shorten the guests. Wagner on the other side with a very difficult move, after a step-back he converts, a very important three!

5:49: Schröder a bit too playful, the no-look pass doesn’t end up with the teammate. In return, Bosnia fritters away the ball again. Vogtmann then finds Wagner, great offense and lead increased!

7:33: Germany changed! Schröder with the three, the captain is finally going ahead. Bosnia is taking a break!

8:01: Vogtmann for three, he’s outstanding, that was one meter behind the three-point line! Bosnia frittered away the attack and Thiemann sunk the turnover. The compensation!

8:57: Germany initially has the ball, but Wagner misses the points. In return, Bosnia’s Gegic fails. Schröder then tries the threesome, but it doesn’t go in either. Germany just doesn’t get into the rhythm.

Germany – Bosnia-Herzegovina: 2nd quarter

0:00: Good defensive work by the Germans, who put pressure on the ball-carrying player. Nurkic clearly misses the three at the end. In return, Schröder starts a threesome, Wohlfahrt-Bottermann with the tip-in. Germany shortened. Immediately after that there is a break.

0:51: Johannes Thiemann moves into the zone and is illegally disturbed by Nurkic. He sinks both free throws. Can Germany further reduce before the break? Bosnia takes the time-out.

2:01: The attack wave of the Germans rolls. Schröder dribbles into the zone, but Nurkic with the outstanding block. The Bosnians sink the turnover. What a game by the star Bosnian!

3:11: Franz Wagner is back, Vogtmann’s attempt at three falls short. Jusuf Nurkic remains the dominator of the game. The Bosnian star hits again, after the hit he even gets a bonus free throw, but the Bigman misses.

3:59: Germany just can’t get a grip on the guests in defense. Nurkic tanks up and starts to dunk. Immediately afterwards, DBB coach Herbert takes a break.

4:22: fantastic! Schröder praised Theiss, who sunk the two points. On the other hand, Robertson keeps his cool on the free throw. Bosnia still has a large cushion.

4:52: unusual! Nurkic allows a free throw. The Germans fritter away the attack that followed. Already the seventh turnover in the game, with the Bosnians it is only one. It went much better against France…

5:33: Fruit is illegally disturbed in a threesome. There are even four free throws due to a technical foul. Bosnia takes time out before that. DBB coach Herbert loudly calls for “discipline”. The first two throws by Andi Obst are spot on, the third goes to the basket, the third is back in.

6:02: Actually a confused offensive combination of the Germans, in the end Obst has to start a deep three. But he sits, strong as a buck!

Germany with big problems: Unusual mistakes in the DBB team

7:12: Great penetration from Maodo Lo, he sinks the three at the end. In return, the Germans are sleeping on the defense because they expect the ref to whistle. But because he doesn’t come, Nurkic scores and gets 2 points for Bosnia.

8:31: Next blunder of the Germans. Lo loses the ball at the level of the center circle, Musa converts the turnover effortlessly.

9:34: Bosnia actually fritters away the ball, but Wohlfahrt-Bottermann makes a serious mistake in the build-up game. The Bosnians convert sovereign.

Germany – Bosnia-Herzegovina: 1st quarter

0:00: And right after that there is a break! An erratic performance by the Germans so far, who can speak of luck that it is only a two-goal deficit. Musa in particular put the German team under a lot of pressure.

Concerns about Daniel Theiss: DBB star with knee problems

0:01: Concerned looks are directed at Daniel Theiss, who has to be substituted and has his knee treated.

0:01: At the very last second, a foul on Johannes Thiemann when attempting a threesome. That gives Germany three free throws. The fouled himself steps up and sinks all three. Lucky for Germany, the ref could have given Thiemann a technical foul.

0:54: Schröder with a nice drive, on the other side Bosnia combines extremely well, but the ref blows his whistle after a step error.

1:47: Second foul by Franz Wagner, while Bosnia has not yet drawn a single foul, coach Herbert still has to start there. The Bosnians sink the first free throw, the second misses. But the guests dominate the game here.

3:40: Thiemann conquers the ball strongly against Nurkic. In return, Lo starts his signature move, makes the step-back and sinks the three-point attempt. Very strong!

5:01: Foul against Bosnia, but Musa only sunk one of the free throws. In return, Theiss is outstanding on Schröder, that was made strong.

6:03 Džanan Musa is currently the outstanding man in Bosnia. Actually, Germany has the ball, but Theiss only meets and not in the basket. In return, Musa scores the two points with the praise.

7:19: Free throw for Bosnia. Jusuf Nurkic sinks both throws. In the star duel of the stars with Franz Wagner, he is currently clearly ahead. So far, the German still seems agitated.

8:32: First three by Bosnia, after a strong ball conquest against Germany star Franz Wagner. In return Schröder with 2 points.

9:23: Theiss misses the basket in the zone after the first German attack, but Germany also fails.

9:56: Tip Off! Schröder takes possession of the ball.

Update from September 3, 2:29 p.m.: Last tactical instructions from coach Herbert, we’re about to start!

Update from September 3, 2:26 p.m.: The teams come in. The atmosphere in Cologne’s Lanxess Arena is good, the hall is filled to the last seat. The fans want to carry the German national team to their second tournament victory. Now the national anthems are being played.

Update from September 3, 2:21 p.m.: “We don’t have a hangover from Tuesday’s game,” said national coach Gordon Herbert before the game MagentaSport. “A completely different basketball team awaits us,” predicts the national coach and demands: “We want the opponent to have to react to us.” Nevertheless, the DBB is warned of Bosnia-Herzegovina: “They have four players of high quality”

All-clear for Daniel Theiss: DBB coach Herbert announces use in the starting five

The head coach makes a change. Daniel Theiss will be in the starting five, everything is fine with his knee after the France game.

Update from September 3, 2:16 p.m.: National basketball coach Gordon Herbert is unfamiliar with the social media world. This is what the 63-year-old head coach said between the games against France (76:63) and Bosnia-Herzegovina on Saturday. After the clear opening win over the Olympic silver medalist, he didn’t receive as many congratulations as his players around captain Dennis Schröder.

“I’m not on social media. I’m too old for this. This is the world for the under-30s. I have no idea how to get on Twitter,” Herbert said. His professionals around Schröder (28) and NBA colleague Daniel Theis (30), on the other hand, are very active on Twitter, Instagram and Co. For Herbert it is the first major tournament as German national coach.

Update from September 3, 2:04 p.m.: After his basketball gala at the start of the European Championship against France, teammates and experts Maodo Lo predicted a future in the NBA. “Maodo will be the next German player in the NBA,” said Captain Dennis Schröder. Lo himself has not yet ticked off the dream of jumping into the best basketball league in the world. “If the path leads there, then that would be great,” Lo said. The 29-year-old point guard from Alba Berlin does not want to be put under pressure. “If not, then that’s ok. My ambition is to always improve.”

Lo has played in college in the United States in the past and has been featured at the occasional NBA club. “There were contacts back then,” Lo said, but the contract he was offered was only half guaranteed. “That’s why I decided to go to Bamberg,” said Lo about his move to Franconia in 2016. Lo then went via Bayern Munich to Alba Berlin in 2020, where he most recently became German champions three times in a row.

With strong performances in the Euroleague, he aroused interest from the NBA again. “There was always interest, but never a real contract, otherwise I would probably have already accepted it,” said Lo: “You have to get the contract, otherwise it won’t work.”

In the video: Basketball EM 2022 – All information about the EuroBasket 2022

After his strong performance against the French, Lo also received a compliment from Chauncey Billups. The Portland Trail Blazers coach is in Cologne as an assistant to Germany’s next opponent, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and said Lo has everything he needs for a career in the NBA. “It’s an honor to hear something like this from such a former player,” Lo said.

Maodo Lo warns about Bosnia-Herzegovina: “Don’t see us as favourites”

First report from September 3, 1:51 p.m.: Cologne – The euphoria after the German basketball players’ dream start in the 2022 European Championship is great. After the brilliant and well-deserved victory against the title favorites France, the team around coach Gordon Herbert also want to win game two against Bosnia-Herzegovina. More than 15,000 frenetic spectators are again expected on home soil in Cologne’s Lanxess Arena.

On paper, Bosnia-Herzegovina is a feasible task for Germany’s basketball players. But the surprise in the World Cup qualifier against France and the European Championship opening win over Hungary make the team around NBA center Jusuf Nurkic in Cologne a tricky test for the hosts. “Bosnia beat France recently. They’re a different team with different weapons. We have to adapt to them and try to play our game. I don’t see us as favourites,” said point guard Maodo Lo.

If the second win is achieved in front of a full ranks again on Saturday (2.30 p.m. / Magentasport), the final round in Berlin is within reach. “We can open the door to the round of 16,” said President Ingo Weiss on Friday. After the rousing 76:63 victory over France, it is important to transport the euphoria into the second game. The emotional jersey ceremony for Dirk Nowitzki and a strong collective performance ensured a perfect start to the home tournament (until September 18th) on Thursday.

Germany vs Bosnia-Herzegovina in the live ticker – will the DBB team continue to soar?

But the group remains tough, after Bosnia, Lithuania (on Sunday) and European champions Slovenia (on Tuesday) are waiting one after the other. “You learn more from failure. You just have to be careful that you lose at the right time,” said national coach Gordon Herbert, who has great respect for Bosnia. “They have very talented players. It’s a different type of team than France,” added the 63-year-old. In our live ticker for the European Basketball Championship between Germany and Bosnia-Herzegovina, on Saturday from 2.30 p.m., you won’t miss anything. (vfi/dpa)

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