Unseal floors: Tulln wants to set an example

Anyone who has ever been to Tulln has probably also been to the Donaulände. If you stand there at the Nibelungen fountain, you can see the Danube on one side and a huge asphalt parking lot on the side facing the city (picture above). But soon it will look different here in the center of Tulln, because the city has announced that it will tear down the asphalt. Park instead of parking lot is the new motto.

The plans for this have existed for some time and the population was also involved in the project. Forum events already took place in autumn, and in December the people of Tulln were asked whether they were for or against a redesign and the majority of them spoke out against the parking lot and therefore for the green space. According to information from the city, they want to start an “Austria-wide flagship project” and show how a “flexibly usable, green open space” can be developed from a sealed area.

The new space should invite you to linger

The plans for how this open space should look in the future are now available. The city had announced a competition in which 21 landscape architecture offices applied. The winning project was selected by the jury, among other things, because “a high quality of stay and spatial identity is created with fine measures”. The “diverse and differentiated range of communicative niches, relaxation and seating areas between perennials, which allows use by different user groups” is rated particularly positively – as the reasoning says.

DnD landscape architecture

Park instead of car park: Tulln should become greener

In future, instead of asphalt, water elements that are level with the ground and can be driven over will provide cooling, trees and a canopy of leaves will create natural shade and light-colored floor coverings made of sustainable natural stone will be used for maximum reflection of the sun’s rays – and in combination the elements will become places to linger all year round, including USB and WiFi hotspots.

Mayor also expects tourist benefits

Mayor Peter Eisenschenk (ÖVP) expects great things from the project. In his opinion, the list of positive effects of the redesign is long: “In terms of urban development, the square represents a connection between the main square and the Danube drive past Tulln.”

But the city manager is convinced that the people of Tulln will also benefit from the new Nibelungenplatz. For them, this would create “a spacious place for togetherness and we are strengthening the attractiveness and quality of stay in the city as a whole, as well as its positioning as the country’s garden city. And last but not least, we are creating a model example of how to make cities more climate-friendly,” says Eisenschenk.

Winner presentation competition


The winning project was presented at the beginning of September. On the picture (from left): Mayor Peter Eisenschenk, Sabine Dessovic from DnD landscape architecture (winning project), jury chairman and landscape architect Gerd Aufmkolk and Daniela Allmeier, who accompanied the process

The project has already received the approval of the community and the population. The basic planning is now on the table and can be viewed by the citizens of Tulln in the town hall at the beginning of September. Many details still have to be worked out in the coming months, the city confirmed. In the coming year, however, the excavators should already go up, it was said. The opening is planned for spring 2024.

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