SV Waldhof Mannheim – SpVgg Oberfranken Bayreuth: Sohm comes, Waldhof Mannheim wins – 3rd league

3rd league Gameday

SV Waldhof Mannheim – SpVgg Oberfranken Bayreuth

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SV Waldhof Mannheim – SpVgg Oberfranken Bayreuth: Sohm comes, Waldhof Mannheim wins – 3rd league

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A goal made the difference in the encounter between SV Waldhof Mannheim and SpVgg Oberfranken Bayreuth, which ended 2-1. However, Waldhof Mannheim still had room for improvement.

Alexander Nollenberger made it 1-0 for SpVgg Bayreuth in front of 7,121 spectators. The SVW was not shocked. Just a little later Dominik Martinovic was there to equalize (17′). Neither team scored any more goals until half-time and so it was an unchanged state in the dressing room. In the 62nd minute, Christian Neidhart made a change of staff and brought on Fridolin Wagner and Marc Schnatterer with a double substitution for Bentley Baxter Bahn and Dominik Kother. With Tobias Weber and Christoph Fenninger, Thomas Kleine took two players from the starting line-up off the field in the 63rd minute. They were replaced by Dennis Lippert and Eroll Zejnullahu. Daniel Keita-Ruel, who came on for Martinovic, enriched SV Waldhof Mannheim in the forward gear from the 70th minute. Pascal Sohm, who came from the bench for Berkan Taz, should provide new impetus for Mannheim (70th). A late goal from Sohm, who scored well in the closing stages (86′), gave SV Waldhof the lead. In the 90 minutes, Waldhof was more successful in the opponent’s penalty area than Bayreuth and thus clinched a 2-1 victory.

At Waldhof Mannheim, the defense was always shaky given the twelve goals they conceded. However, the offensive also liked to hit the opposing goal (12). With three points under their belt, the Mannheimers moved up the table and are now fourth in the table. With the win, the home team continued the good performances of the previous season. Overall, the SVW collected four wins, one draw and conceded only two defeats.

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SpVgg Oberfranken Bayreuth’s balance sheet is currently not enough for more than 18th place. There is a lull in the guest’s attack. SpVgg Bayreuth only found the ball in the opposing goal four times. Bayreuth has now lost five times this season. Since the SpVgg Oberfranken Bayreuth can only show one win and one draw, the prospects are pretty bleak. The last three was already three games ago for SpVgg Bayreuth.

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Next Saturday, SV Waldhof Mannheim travels to FC Ingolstadt 04, at the same time Bayreuth hosts 1. FC Saarbrücken.

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