Waldhof Mannheim with a late win against Bayreuth – football

Waldhof Mannheim remains in the 3rd division in the top third of the table. On the seventh day of the game, the Kurpfälzer won against SpVgg Bayreuth 2:1 (1:1).

The starting position before the game was clear: SV Waldhof wanted to keep up with the top positions in the 3rd division with their fourth win in their fourth home game, Bayreuth urgently needed points in the table basement.

Two early hits

Accordingly, Mannheim started energetically, but initially found it difficult to come to good conclusions. But Bayreuth scored: After a strong pass, Alexander Nollenberger appeared in front of Waldhof keeper Morten Behrens and converted to 0:1 (14th minute). But SVW answered quickly: After preparatory work by Adrien Lebeau, Dominik Martinovic was able to take the ball in the opponent’s penalty area and then score it for a quick equalizer (17′).

Nollenberger hits the post

After that, the game calmed down. Waldhof acted in a superior manner, repeatedly driven by Martinovic, but there were few great chances. Shortly before the break, the guests almost took the lead with their second top-class opportunity. Nollenberger had a lot of space on the left, let a man from Mannheim get out and shot the post from almost 16 meters (40′). Only a little later, SVW almost scored, but Dominik Kother’s shot after strong preliminary work from Lebeau was blocked in dire need. It was 1-1 at break.

A fighting game developed in the second half as well. Kother had the first chance for the home side when he appeared free in front of the Bayreuth goal after a chipped pass from Marco Höger, but did not manage to finish well.

Pascal Sohm scores the winning goal

Otherwise there were hardly any highlights. There was little flow of the game because the game was often interrupted. When everything seemed to be pointing towards a draw, the Mannheim team then struck. Pascal Sohm scored the much-acclaimed winner from a corner (86′).

With 13 points from seven games, the Kurpfälzer are initially in fourth place. Bayreuth is penultimate with four points.

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