Rock band “Unzucht” in a party mood, with a new single and a declaration of love for the jungle camp

10th Anniversary & “Full Speed ​​Ahead Festival”

Rock band “Unzucht” in a party mood, with a new single and a declaration of love for the jungle camp

The band members of “Unzucht” are looking forward to the upcoming concerts, but are skeptical about the fall – Corona is not over yet.

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Sep 3, 2022 at 4:19 p.m

by Denise Kyla

For more than ten years, the rock band “Unzucht” has been on big stages. On September 10th she celebrates her anniversary in Hanover – finally! Because of Corona, the actual date had to be postponed. Just a week later, the busy musicians are already on the guest list for the next event. Then they rock at the “Full Speed ​​Ahead” festival in Neu-Ulm. In an interview with RTL, drummer Toby Fuhrmann reveals musical news and why the band likes the jungle camp.

You’re celebrating your “anniversary” next week – you’ve been around since 2009. Did you have to postpone it because of Corona or are there other reasons?

We had our first gig on December 23rd, 2009, that’s true – but we only had a MySpace page with a few songs and we weren’t really a band yet. We only became a band in the course of 2010, when we earned our stripes at club shows and festivals and then decided that fornication is more than just a project. So we always cite 2010 as the right start for fornication, so the 10-year-old was originally planned for 2020. After being postponed twice due to a ban on performing for pandemic reasons, the time has finally come! Yeah!

How does it feel to finally be able to celebrate?

Really great! We’ve been on the road again since March and have made up for all of our performances from the tour that has been postponed since 2020 – from Cologne to Hamburg and from Berlin to Munich. It’s just amazing to finally be able to party with the audience again after waiting so long. And the anniversary concert in Hanover on September 10th will top it all off, I promise. And not only because we will have Lord Of The Lost and End Of Green as guests.


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One festival follows the next – shortly afterwards you are at the “Full Speed ​​Ahead Festival”. What can the fans expect there?

This is a festival by Eisbrecher in the Ratiopharm Arena Neu-Ulm, to which they have always invited a bunch of great bands since it was founded in 2017 and then deliver a great finish themselves! We are there for the second time and are really happy – this is the total class reunion with many artist friends and insofar it is something very special for everyone – bands and audience.

You will meet well-known bands and faces at many festivals. Are you still happy about it or can we not see each other at some point?

Backstage it’s still like in real life: sometimes you’re more or less happy to meet someone. However, we get on really well with most of our colleagues, which is why we always feel like playing at festivals.

Your last album was released in 2020 – are you working on new material?

Not only that – we were even in the studio in the meantime! On September 9th, our brand new song “Wo dieiliate voices” will be released along with a video! So, we’re planning something.

With the pandemic in mind, how do you view autumn?

It’s going to be a really difficult time again and unfortunately a lot of appointments will probably be cancelled. We will therefore keep our feet almost still live until the end of the year and have only confirmed one concert in November at the Dark Dance Meeting in Mannheim – it may well be that it will remain so for 2022.

“Unzucht” play some concerts until autumn, then they take it a little slower.

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You mentioned that you partly live in different cities: How do you work together on music? Do you meet up or are files sent back and forth?

This actually runs back and forth via files. Protects the environment and works very well for us.

Which one of you is watching the jungle camp? Who would like to go in? With who?

I’m not sure about our guitarist De Clercq, but the rest of the band including me definitely always watches the jungle camp and tries not to miss an episode! That’s probably the crown jewel among reality shows – and therefore the only one we can’t do without. Our bassist Donni would even move to the jungle camp without batting an eyelid, preferably with Charly Hübner from police call 110.

At one point Daniel told me that his pants were from “Queen of Darkness”. How do you choose your stage outfits? How important is the look to you?

Well, the look doesn’t really matter – the clothes should be black (laughs). Otherwise we’re more AC/DC than Lordi – the music is definitely in the foreground.

What other bands inspire you? Is there one that maybe no one would expect?

Unexpected things always come up when we listen to music on the tour bus and sometimes reminisce. For example, recently our guitarist De Clercq said that the first song that really struck him as a kiddie was “Suburbia” by the Pet Shop Boys! And the Scorpions also make completely different music than we do, but we all think they’re great!

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