Vienna imposes strict corona rules for students – Vienna

Vienna imposes strict corona rules for students – Vienna
Vienna imposes strict corona rules for students – Vienna

Shortly before school starts, the corona rules that now apply in Vienna’s educational institutions are explained again. The mask is also making a comeback.

School starts again in Vienna on Monday. After more than two years of the pandemic, the question arises again as to which rules apply in the classrooms. The responsible city councilors Christoph Wiederkehr from the NEOS and Peter Hacker from the SPÖ put everything worth knowing on the table.

Infected students must stay at home

“It was always very important to us that we guarantee as much freedom as possible at the start of school and as few restrictions as necessary. But this freedom also means that we continue to take the pandemic seriously. It is therefore important that we prevent infections in schools try to prevent. And we can do that, among other things, by the fact that infected schoolchildren, no matter how old they are, stay at home!”, said Deputy Mayor Wiederkehr.

1Who is allowed to go to school?

Children up to and including the 4th grade who have tested positive are not permitted to attend school, and children under the age of 11 are not permitted to attend kindergarten and after-school care, as it is not intended for them to wear an FFP2 protective mask at all times.

2What to do if the test is positive?

Once a positive antigen test for SARS-CoV-2 is available, the following must be observed: Pupils who test positive must wear an FFP2 protective mask in closed rooms where other people are, but they can remain at the school as long as they are completely symptom-free. FFP 2 masks can also be worn outdoors if a minimum distance of two meters from other people cannot be maintained. If you are exempt from wearing a mask, you are therefore not allowed to visit the educational institution. If masks are compulsory, only activities with a slightly increasing pulse should be carried out and it should be assessed whether attending is sensible/feasible (e.g. danger of collapsing in the heat – watching in the swimming pool)

3School closures coming?

Even if there are several confirmed cases of illness in the educational institutions, no class or group closures are usually planned. Contact persons can still visit the educational institutions.

4What to do as a contact person?

Contact persons are recommended to be tested immediately after the infectious contact has become known and 5 days after the last contact. Antigen tests by an authorized body also apply. Children under the age of 6 are exempt from wearing an MNS. If the household contact continues, it is recommended that the contact person be tested after it becomes known, on days 3 and 5. Mask-exempt contact persons are allowed to visit the educational institution.

City Councilor for Health Hacker tries to state that although Corona would not be the focus of many people by now, the situation still needs to be monitored. “I am very happy that the Vienna school authorities and the Vienna health authorities have worked together to develop clear guidelines for the start of school, despite the challenging situation. This is how we ensure more clarity, but also more security for the students, teachers and parents. About that In addition, I ask everyone to use the Vienna test offer and to do a PCR test before school starts,” said the SPÖ politician.

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