Attention, secret power guzzlers! These three household appliances consume a lot of electricity

Very few people know that many a household appliance is a hidden cost trap. imago images/Shotshop

It has been on everyone’s lips for months: electricity prices will rise. In 2021, one kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity in Germany cost an average of 32.16 cents. Compared to the previous year (31.81 cents), the electricity price was 1.1 percent more expensive. The price increase followed the trend: in the past 15 years, the price of electricity has risen by a full 63 percent. The new peak will now be reached in 2022.

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The average electricity price in 2022 should already be 41 cents per kilowatt hour. So, save electricity! That means lights off, pull the plug and stand-by off. Very few people know that many a household appliance is a hidden cost trap. This is not the only reason why it is important to find and eliminate secret power guzzlers in the household. We’ll tell you what they are!

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Power guzzler number 1: microwave

We really only rarely use the microwave and yet it is always connected to the power supply. imago/PhotoAlto

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How often do you use your microwave? Probably once a day at most. If any. Nevertheless, the plug is in the socket 365 days a year. That means you pay for electricity without actually needing it! So out with the plug as soon as you are no longer using the microwave.

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Power guzzler number 2: WLAN router

A router on which the LEDs for WLAN and DSL light up - of course that costs electricity!
A router on which the LEDs for WLAN and DSL light up – of course that costs electricity! dpa/Sebastian Gollnow

The WLAN router is probably also one of the devices that are switched on 365 days a year. Logically, you want to be able to surf wirelessly anytime and anywhere. But do you really need internet at night? Probably not. So you could save a lot of electricity just by turning off the router at night. You should also do this when you go on vacation. It is also advisable to replace old routers with newer, more energy-efficient devices.

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Power guzzler number 3: freezer

Do you think your freezer works to save energy? Not correct! According to the energy company E.ON, freezers are among the largest consumers of electricity in the home. The reason: they run continuously. The use of the freezer accounts for around 145 euros per year. If you use or care for the device incorrectly, you have to dig even deeper into your pocket. If the freezer is not defrosted regularly, the appliance consumes energy unnecessarily.

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Because: The thicker the layer of ice, the more electricity is needed to maintain the low temperatures. On the other hand, if you defrost regularly, you can save between 15 and 45 percent of your energy costs. And of course you should also make sure that you only open the freezer door briefly. This means that less warm air penetrates into the interior and the freezer does not have to be cooled down again. The same applies, of course, to refrigerators.

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