Terrible new details on Anne Heche’s accidental death – People

Terrible new details on Anne Heche’s accidental death – People
Terrible new details on Anne Heche’s accidental death – People

US star Anne Heche died in a serious car accident in August. Horrifying details about the circumstances of his death are now coming to light.

The 53-year-old crashed into a house in Mar Vista, a district of Los Angeles (USA), on August 5, whereupon her car and the building caught fire. Doctors fought for the life of the popular actress for a week (“Six Days, Seven Nights”, “Psycho”), but in vain. Now there are new details about the tragic accident.

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As NBC reports, citing the available documents from the fire department, Heche is said to have been trapped in the burning car wreck. Due to the strong development of heat and smoke, it took around 20 minutes for the firefighters to gain access to the Mini Cooper. It took another 20 minutes to pull the vehicle out of the burning house with a tow truck.

Heche was only rescued after 45 minutes

It was only after almost 45 minutes that the firefighters managed to free the actress from the fire hell and provide medical care. The coroner cited smoke inhalation and burns as the cause of death. In addition, a blood test showed that Heche had drugs in his body and that his sternum had been broken by “blunt trauma” in the impact. A typical injury in frontal, serious car accidents. Her death was ruled an accident and police said all investigations into the actress’ death have been dropped.

Heche has since been cremated and buried in the famed Hollywood Forever Cemetery, near the graves of numerous notables including actress Judy Garland, director Cecil B. Demille and Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell.

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